Friday, July 03, 2015

Something Must Be Done About the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court was set up at the founding to determine constitutional questions regarding new laws and government acts.  Over the past 239 years, the Court has gone from interpreting the constitutionality of laws to making new laws by fiat.  The Nine in Black now operate like the Oracles of Old, declaring what is and isn't legal without any regard to the Constitution whatsoever.   They just make stuff up.

That's what they did when they approved Obamacare.  That's what they did when they removed the right of the states to determine the rules for abortion and marriage.  The Supreme Court is now beneath contempt.  It is a radical, runaway train wreck.

Per Drudge, polls now show a growing number of Americans believe that their states should simply ignore the unlawful edicts handed down by federal courts.  I agree.  It is time for the individual states to wrest power back from federal overreach.  They should flatly refuse to go along.

Finally, it is time to change the rules for Supreme Court justices.  They should have to live under the same laws that they enact over others.  They should not be appointed for life, but for limited terms.  It should be made clear that their legal interpretations are advisory only, to be rejected by any state that finds those interpretations to be clearly wrong or outrageous.

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