Sunday, July 19, 2015

Black Member of Sons of Confederate Veterans says "The War Between the States WAS NOT about Slavery"

Al McCray, Member, Sons of Confederate Veterans
Al McCray is a black member of the Judah P. Benjamin Camp of Sons of Confederate Veterans, located in Tampa, Florida.  Compatriot McCray (we members of the Sons call each other "compatriot") sounds just like any one of us in his defense of the Confederacy. McCray said:
"I understand the true nature of the war, and slavery was not the primary issue," McCray said. "It was an issue of northern aggression and northern imperialism."
"I've always felt that way growing up in the south, that linking the flag to slavery and racism was just another way to keep division between the races. I always wondered why Lincoln didn't free the slaves his first day in office if he felt so strongly about it."

The article further quotes McCray:
Al McCray, Tampa Business Man
Despite the recent outcry over the Confederate battle flag and its symbolism, McCray said he is confident there are other black Americans that share his views. The confederacy was multicultural during the war, and so is the Sons of Confederate Veterans, he said.
McCray's comments about the multicultural nature of the Confederacy is ironically demonstrated in the name of his Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp name:  Judah P. Benjamin was a devout Jew who was Secretary of State of the Confederate States of America.

I googled Al McCray, and he is the Managing Editor of the Tampa News.  We have more in common:  Al likes to wear fedoras and bow ties, as I do.  Al's bow tie in this pic contains the Confederate flag.  I like this guy...a lot.

Meanwhile, read the entire article at this link.

Compatriot McCray can be contacted at these links:
Twitter > @AlvinMccray

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