Sunday, July 12, 2015

Operation Jade Helm: Will Russia Intervene to Support Texas Secession?

There are some interesting stories on the web that should be taken with a grain of salt.  Or many grains of salt.

One is about the U.S. Army's training exercise, code named "Jade Helm," going on in Texas.  Some fear that Obama is planning to occupy Texas to keep it from seceding.  Or something.  It is not totally out of the question that Jade Helm is a practice exercise to invade Texas if that state tries to secede from the Union.  The most serious secession movement (and there are several) ongoing right now is that of Texas.  I doubt that Texas would secede unless the progressives do something really objectionable.  However, I wouldn't put it past the leftists in government to do that.  Confiscate all guns from private citizens, for example, or declare open borders with Mexico, or give all illegal immigrants the right to vote in U.S. elections, or if Obama declares martial law for some reason.

Another tale is that the Russian Navy will be operating off the coastal waters of Texas to support the Texans in the event that they secede and are invaded by the U.S.  Putin is a bit crazy, but is he that crazy?  Who knows.  He almost seems intent on provoking hostilities with the U.S.

I will be watching these stories with interest, if they last that long.


countenance said...

Best I can tell trying to gather information about Jade Helm from non-tinfoil sources, it seems to be the military preparing to put down domestic insurrections and violence in Latin America. In other words, Jade Helm is all about oppressing someone else, not oppressing us, yet.

I do find it interesting that the same people who cheer and think it's an element of civic virtue every time ghetto blacks whip out dey sail foams to record every cop-civilian accost in the ghetto think that Texans and people in surrounding states monitoring Jade Helm is wacky.

Stogie Chomper said...

I like your term "non-tinfoil sources." That made me laugh. I tried watching some YouTube videos on the subject, but they were boring and focused on what seemed minor points. Like what the logo of Jade Helm means, and where the symbolism came from. I won't lose any sleep over Jade Helm, but I do think there is a small possibility it is training to suppress domestic insurrections. Why would our own government fear such things? Unless they plan even more abuses of power.