Thursday, July 02, 2015

Band Practice - Jazz: L-O-V-E!

It had been a depressing week for me, so I didn't want to go to band practice.  I did, though.  I felt obligated since I am the only bass player.  However, when I got there, I felt like playing when I heard the horns, piano and drums warming up.

This semester we are working on some new songs.  Tonight we practiced Dreamsville, Corcovado, and L-O-V-E.

I was able to sight read the music pretty well, and was pleased with my ability to do so.  I started reading music one year ago this month.  I am becoming, more and more, a "literate musician."

I really dig the song L-O-V-E.  It has been recorded by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble and many others.  Don't remember it?  Listen to Buble in the video embed below. (Please excuse the misspellings and such -- apparently the vid was made by someone for whom English is a second language).


Adrienne said...

So far I've flunked reading music. Hubby did his best, but my brain just will not comprehend all those "little dots on the page." I'm a whiz at tablature, so I guess all is not lost. I may have to start playing guitar again.

Mike said...

Not being argumentative, but that sure doesn't sound like Ol' Blue Eyes.

But congrats on your music. Sight reading is one of those goals I never seem to make progress on.

Stogie Chomper said...

Mike, I agree. The image is of Sinatra, but the voice sounds like Nat King Cole. I'll change it.

Stogie Chomper said...

Adrienne, I think tablature is much more difficult to read and comprehend. Reading notes just take practice and patience. It's like learning Morse Code or a new language. Seems really hard at first, but in a year or so you read and understand without having to think about it.