Sunday, July 12, 2015

Walmart to Melt All Class Rings With Confederate Flags

The anti-flag hysteria continues.  BOYCOTT WALMART!

This just in from Fox News:
An Arkansas woman who went to pick up the class ring she ordered from Walmart left disappointed, after store officials told her the retailer's new policy barred them from turning the item over -- because it bore an image of the Confederate flag.

Elaine Glidewell told KFSM someone from the store in Fort Smith called her to pick up the ring she'd ordered for her nephew, but when she arrived on Tuesday, a clerk told her she couldn’t have it. The ring had been ordered before Walmart stopped selling items bearing images of the flag, in the wake of controversy that stemmed from a racially-charged shooting in South Carolina.

“I wanted to cry,” Glidewell told KFSM, adding that the store clerk said the ring would be "melted."
Here is how some pro-flag people have responded to Walmart's bigotry:


Anita Moore said...

Question: what about the other Confederate flags? Does anyone still fly the Stars and Bars or the Bonny Blue Flag? Is there the kind of hysteria over those flags that we are seeing about the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia? Do the hysterics even know those are Confederate flags?

Stogie Chomper said...

Anita, I doubt that the hysterical anti-flaggers even know about the other flags. The new Georgia state flag is based on the Stars and Bars (the First National), and it is a beautiful flag. The Daughters of the Confederacy use the First National as its icon and logo. Let's not tell them about the other flags. Then when Fascism in America is complete and the Battle Flag outlawed, we can use the Bonnie Blue flag or some other to wave Southern heritage in their faces, and they will be too dumb to know it!