Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zo of "ZoNation" is a Flaming Ignoramus on the Civil War

Zo, an alleged black conservative for Pajamas Media, has been shooting his mouth off again about the Confederate flag.  He even went so far as to denigrate Anthony Hervey, a black supporter of the Confederate flag and Confederate history, who was killed last week by other blacks, who like Zo, are ignorant and intolerant of Confederate history.

Zo's sophomoric arguments fall along these lines (my brief rebuttals are highlighted):

1.  The Confederates were Democrats
      (You had to be a U.S. citizen to be a Democrat.  Confederates did not qualify.)
2.  Democrats believed in slavery and the "right to own other human beings."
(Yankees, and Whigs, who became the Republicans, believed in the right to own slaves too.  They proved it by buying and working slaves in Northern states and by selling millions of slaves to other countries.  Zo, like many of the historically illiterate, seem to think that only the South owned slaves.  Not even close.)
3.  The Confederate flag is a Democrat flag.
(The Democratic Party did not create the Confederate flag.  The statement is erroneous and asinine.)

Zo is not the only person spouting this nonsense.  A lot of so-called Republicans are saying the same kinds of things.  They seem not to realize that millions of modern Confederate supporters are Republicans, and very few are Democrats.  Modern Democrats, on the other hand, are leading the charge to ban all Confederate symbols, flags and monuments.  They are opposed by Southern Republicans.  For example, the governor and legislature of North Carolina are Republican controlled, and those Republicans passed laws this past week to protect Confederate monuments from Democrat eradication.  The very Democrat-loyal NAACP complained and are threatening a demonstration.

In Georgia, it is Democrats who are insisting on erasing the Confederate figures from Stone Mountain, and who are planning to make it a campaign issue in the next election.

So Zo, it appears that for today, in the modern world, the Confederate flag is a REPUBLICAN flag.  Read it and weep, sweetie.

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