Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Black veteran, a 'Son of the South,' defends the Confederate flag

Courtney Daniels
By Courtney Daniels, a Birmingham native, former U.S. Marine and veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Mr. Daniels wrote a guest opinion for All Alabama, AL.COM, in which he defends the Confederacy and its flag, and tells of his own personal journey from animosity to admiration.  His well written and heartfelt essay should be read and appreciated by every Son and Daughter of the South.

He writes:
The removal of a historical banner won't stop racists from exercising bigotry. As a matter of fact, racists will be racists despite regulations and constant "feel good" legislation, no flag needed. The ignorance of the disgruntled protestors is evident in their refusal to acknowledge that the flag widely recognized as the "Confederate Flag" was never actually adopted as the flag of the Confederacy. They'll also never admit or realize that not only was slavery not the motivating factor for the ensuing civil war, but that slavery was an American institution, not a Confederate one.

The Confederacy, in its prime, never mounted the atrocities of the Trail of Tears or the Black Hills conspiracy. But it seems that all because a few cowards in bedsheets once hijacked the gorgeous colors of a banner so rich in history to terrorize and intimidate other Americans, we condemn the Southern cloth to oblivion as a misnamed symbol of hate. It doesn't matter that slaves outside of the declared boundaries remained enslaved in the North. Neither does it matter that many Southerners gave up plots of their property to house and provide compensable labor for black workers. It doesn't matter that Lincoln, who is often regarded as the liberator of enslaved blacks cared less for the welfare of slaves than for the sovereignty of an entire country.
Read it all here.

Black supporters of the Confederacy appear daily, in growing numbers...and I LOVE IT.

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