Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Confederate Flag is the Banner of Liberty and Resistance to Tyranny

This from the Patriot Newswire:  Has the Confederate Flag Become a Symbol of Liberty?

Well no, it has always been a symbol of liberty -- and self rule, self-determination -- and that has been recognized in all parts of the globe.

Nevertheless, the above linked article is well worth the read.  Some great quotes:
Megyn Kelly, Fox News Anchor writes: People say constantly that Lincoln “saved” the Union. Lincoln didn’t save the Union; he subjugated the Union. There is a huge difference. A union that is not voluntary is not a union.
The author, Eric Retzlaff, adds these comments:
The idea that the states are sovereign nations that freely created, for their common good, a national government with limited delegated powers and that the states could resist and nullify unconstitutional federal actions or even secede, as the colonies broke from Great Britain–this was lost when the South was crushed. These United States became the United States, which has grown into an increasingly liberal, immoral and tyrannical monster.
Against this un-American impulse, the Rev. Dr. James David Manning of the Christian ATLAH Worldwide Ministries, a black minister, recently predicted (prophesied?), with his powerful preaching skills, the South as the salvation of the Union from liberal dictatorship. If this is the new South, then where is the South, only below the Mason-Dixon line? No, it’s everywhere.
Now wouldn’t it be ironic if the Confederate flag became the symbol of freedom and rebellion against tyranny?
Get a flag and fly it.


Adrienne said...

Very good article you linked, Stogie.

I've been saying it for years: We are no longer a nation of states, but just a big blob of a country. The feds exist because of us, and yet the states are constantly being subjected to their whims.

I am so tired of it all!

Mike said...

Powerful quotes. Good to see we DO have friends in the media.

Stogie Chomper said...

MIke, the up swelling of support for the flag has been very encouraging.

coolcat said...

Succession now!!