Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert Blows It at the American Music Awards

Adam Lambert was the runner-up in the last season of "American Idol," one of my favorite shows.  Lambert is a guy with Elvis good looks and a great voice.  He's from San Diego and obviously gay.  As a male heterosexual, this seems to be an ironic twist of fate.  Here's a guy who could have an unlimited supply of beautiful women, but he doesn't want them.

Lambert was by far the best singer last season.  He lost to a lesser talent because of his flamboyant displays of his sexual orientation.  The winner, whose name I have already forgotten, was a handsome guy with boy-next-door looks and values.  America went for him because the American Idol prize doesn't always go to the best talent.  It goes to the best talent that America feels most comfortable with.  Lambert's performance on the American Music Awards (AMA) this past week proved that America made the right choice.  Lambert is a great talent but clearly out there on the fringe somewhere.

Lambert's AMA performance was way over the edge.  During his singing/dancing routine he grabbed a woman dancer's crotch, shared a long mouth-kiss with his male keyboardist, led some guy around the stage on a leash, and grabbed another guy's head and shoved it into his crotch.  I'm sure hard core, gung-ho gays everywhere loved it.  Unfortunately for Lambert, if he wants to be a megastar, he must appeal to more than just gays.  Many, and probably most, heterosexuals feel uncomfortable with public displays of intimacy between gays, however broad-minded they may be about gays in general.  ABC immediately cancelled Lambert's scheduled appearance on Good Morning America.

So methinks Adam Lambert blew it at the AMA.  No pun intended.  See more about this at the Fox News Site here.

The video below shows Lambert's performance on the CBS Early Morning Show, subsequent to his AMA disaster.

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