Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swiss Ban Minarets on Mosques

In a surprising European slap at Islamization, the Swiss have voted overwhelmingly to ban new construction of minarets on mosques.  Minarets are those missile shaped structures that generally surround the main building and resemble a watch tower.  To me, a mosque with minarets resembles a giant octopus that is flipping us off.

A Swiss coalition forced the vote through a referendum.  According to Reuters:
A group of politicians from the SVP, the country's biggest party, and the Federal Democratic Union gathered enough signatures to force the referendum on the initiative which opposes the "Islamization of Switzerland."
This is good news.  It demonstrates an awakening among some Europeans of the cultural risks of allowing large numbers of Muslims into their country, not to mention the dangers of terrorism and subversion.

Walter Wobman, chairman of the initiative committee, explained:
"We just want to stop further Islamization in Switzerland, I mean political Islam. People may practice their religion, that is no problem."
"We want to stop the further developments -- minarets ... Sharia law," the SVP parliamentarian said. "The minaret is the power symbol of political Islam and Sharia law."
Read it all here.

Also see Atlas Shrugs for more coverage of this event.

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