Monday, November 30, 2009

Oakland Police to Send Honor Guard to Lakewood Funeral

The Oakland Police Department (of Oakland, California) know what it's like to lose four police officers in one day.  In March of this year four Oakland Police officers were similarly gunned down by a black convict on parole.  The convict opened fire on two officers on motorcycles.  He then killed two other police officers while barricaded in an apartment building.

The perp, 26 year old Lovelle Mixon, was a criminal with a long record who was already in violation of his parole for assault with a deadly weapon.  Mixon was killed in the shoot-out with police, saving the State of California the expense of having to try him and execute him.

On March 27, the Oakland Police had a funeral for its four officers.  I wrote about it here and here.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Oakland Police will send an honor guard to attend the funeral of the Lakewood Police officers.  Ironically, Brad Carpenter, the CEO of Forza's Coffee, served as a beat officer for the Oakland Police Department in the 1980's.  The four Lakewood Police officers were killed in a Forza's coffee shop.

Forza's Coffee is collecting donations for the slain officers' families.  Go here to donate.

Read it here.

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