Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vince Guaraldi, Famous Jazz Pianist: More Information Comes to Light

Back in February of this year I wrote a post about my trip to Menlo Park to find the site of Butterfield's Nightclub, where Vince Guaraldi (jazz musician whose trio added theme music to Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" cartoons) died on February 6, 1976.  I found what I believed to be the building that once housed Butterfield's.

Just today I discovered that someone who lives in Menlo Park read that post.  It turns out she was a patron of Butterfield's and often went there to listen to the Vince Guaraldi trio.  She confirmed that the building I identified was indeed the site of Butterfield's Nightclub, where Guaraldi played his last gig.  Further, she gives some fascinating descriptions of Butterfield's interior, which was pretty impressive.

I added her commentary to the article.  I wish I had seen it earlier.  Read it at this link if you are interested.

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