Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Fort Hood Memorial Service: President Obama's Speech

I watched the memorial service at Fort Hood streaming live, thanks to Michelle Malkin's site that provided the link.

The speaker's podium was encircled by boots, helmets and rifles, one set for each of the soldiers who died, six on one side of the podium and six on the other.

Before the service started, many soldiers descended the steps in back of the podium to take seats in the audience.  Several were wounded from the shooting, one with his arm in a sling, others with crutches or in wheel chairs.  President Obama arrived and gave a stirring speech, the best I have heard from him, honoring the dead, each of them by name, and spoke to their service and willingness to be part of something larger than themselves in the U.S. military.

After the chaplain read from Isaiah, a lady soldier with an astounding singing voice, sang "Amazing Grace."  Finally, taps were played and the service was ended.

It was a touching and meaningful memorial service for the fallen.

Photo:  Atlas Shrugs

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