Thursday, November 05, 2009

Three Cheers for Stacy McCain

Robert Stacy McCain is "our guy on the ground" at breaking news stories; he is the reporter who represents the conservative blogosphere.  During the elections this week, he traveled hundreds of miles in a rental car to cover the Doug Hoffman effort; ate cheeseburgers in his car while traveling between sites; poached wifi connections and continental breakfasts from various hotels; and wore out a lot of shoeleather in order to be our eyes at the scene.

McCain is a good guy and I am honored to call him friend.  Please give generously to his tip jar to help him cover his expenses (rental cars, gas and cheeseburgers don't grow on trees, ya know).

I have been largely unemployed for four months, yet I still gave Stacy ten bucks this morning.  I will give more once I am back to work.  Give him $2 or $5 or more if you can.  He's worth that, and a lot more.

Thanks Stacy, for all you do.

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