Monday, November 09, 2009

Nidal Hasan, Fort Hood Shooter Suspect, Regains Consciousness

Michelle Malkin had it right in saying that, because of our press bias, we have to read foreign newspapers to learn what is going on in the Fort Hood case.  So I read the UK Times online and learned that Nidal Hasan has regained consciousness in his hospital room and is talking to medical staff.  He is now breathing on his own:  he was taken off the ventilator on Saturday.

Some of the most incredibly asinine statements are issuing forth from the mouth of the US Army Chief of Staff.  The UK Times reports:
General George Casey, the US Army Chief of Staff, warned against jumping too quickly to conclusions, saying that it was important for the country not to get caught up in speculation about Major Hasan’s Muslim faith. He revealed that he has instructed his commanders to be on the lookout for anti-Muslim reaction to the killings at the Texas post.
Focusing on the Islamic roots of the suspected gunman could “heighten the backlash" against all Muslims in the military, he said in interviews on TV networks ABC and CNN, adding that diversity in the military “gives us strength”.
This idiot ought to be fired.  "Diversity gives us strength" is such blatant horse puckey.   Does that mean the military would be stronger with Neo-Nazis, Marxists, Taliban, Wahabbis, cannibals, head hunters, and Aztec practitioners of human sacrifice?  Ridiculous.  It is exactly this PC attitude that prevented Hasan's army colleagues from reporting him.  Political correctness kills.

Diversity in skin color is irrelevant, and diversity of opinion as to the godliness of Jihad and killing for Allah is NOT A GOOD THING.  When it comes to critical subjects like loyalty to the United States, diversity is NOT A GOOD THING, particularly for members of the armed forces.

Read the article here, courtesy of the UK Times Online.

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