Saturday, November 07, 2009

If We All Pretend, We Can Alter Reality to Something We Like

Or so many seem to think.  Denial is the way to edit reality.  If we all agree that something unpleasant isn't true, then by God, it isn't.  If we all agree that Nadal Malik Hasan's religion had nothing to do with 13 dead and 30 wounded at Fort Hood, then by gum it didn't.  For those who say that Islam is inherently violent and seditious, we can just put our hands over our ears and say "LA LA LA LA LA - I'M NOT LISTENING!"

David Horowitz says our country is "brain dead" for not seeing the Fort Hood tragedy coming.  He writes:
The Fort Hood massacre is the first of the preventable atrocities we have been warning about on our websites since 9/11 — the atrocities which are apparently necessary for Americans to wake up to the threat that confronts us. We have a vast internal threat in this country in the form of this unholy alliance between the anti-American Left and radical Islam – whose Muslim Brotherhood network extends through our universities, our government and our military. It is “politically incorrect” to recognize this fact. You can be barred — as I have been — from speaking at universities for even talking about it. The embargo of discussion of the Islamo-fascist threat puts every American (including the infidel collaborators) at risk. Hasan had semi-automatic weapons. But they weren’t nuclear. That possibility is just around the corner unless we undergo a sea change in our attitudes and marshal the intelligence and the courage to recognize the threat.
Read it all here.

Yes, intelligence reports have been saying for some time that Al Qaeda wants to acquire nuclear weapons and detonate them in American cities.  Unless America pulls its head out of its ass, that will eventually happen.  Meanwhile, we have smaller fish to fry, like Nadal Malik Hasan and thousands of other potential jihadis in our military, our government and our universities.  But until we actually admit that a problem exists, there will be no solution.

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