Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Newt Comes Up Short: He Misread the Race and the Mood of the GOP

A great article in the Washington Post today:  Gingrich Comes Up Short. Some excerpts:
Amidst the stunning events in New York's 23rd congressional district -- with Republican-turned-independent Doug Hoffman suddenly surging to the front and likely to win today's race -- collateral damage has been suffered by some of the GOP's presidential hopefuls who misread the race and the mood of the Republican electorate.
"The people who run the Republican Party are going to have to learn that moving to the left is not going to win them elections."
In contrast, pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, the Club for Growth, Fred Thompson and Dick Armey all endorsed Mr. Hoffman. Then there's Sarah Palin, whose endorsement of Mr. Hoffman focused national media attention on the race and seemed to set in motion the collapse of support for Ms. Scozzafava. Lucky or otherwise, Ms. Palin comes out looking like a leader and Mr. Gingrich doesn't.
Read it all here.

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