Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fort Hood Shooter "A Recent Convert to Islam"?

The Jewish Internet Defense Force quotes Fox News, saying the shooter who killed 12 people today at Ft. Hood Army Base was Army Major Malik Nadal Hasan of Jordanian descent.  Other unconfirmed reports say that Hassan was a recent convert to Islam.

Taking absurdity to a new level, the US Army is claiming that this was not a terrorist attack.

If you want a synonym for "Islam," it would be MURDER.  JMO.

Why do Muslims kill people when it is certain that they will die in the attempt?  Because Islam describes only one sure way to get to Heaven, and that is by dying as a martyr in jihad.  They believe that all sins of the jihadist are forgiven at the first drop of his blood. Further, a martyr doesn't have to withstand the scrutiny of judgment day as he goes straight to Heaven.  If Hasan is indeed a Muslim, that would explain his motivation.

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