Thursday, November 05, 2009

UPDATED: Fort Hood Shooter: a Psychiatrist, a Muslim and Terrorist Sympathiser

Emerging facts indicate that Major Malik Nidal Hasan was both a psychiatrist and a Muslim, soon to be employed to Iraq, who expressed hostility to the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and sympathy for Muslim terrorists.

Colonel Terry Lee, US Army Retired, worked with Major Hasan at the Fort Hood Psychiatric Center where both served as psychiatrists.  He told Fox News that Hasan often made hostile comments about US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and expressed sympathy for the enemy there, saying that Muslims "should rise up against the oppressor."  Hasan's cousin said that Hasan was not a convert to Islam, but that he "had always been a Muslim."

Hasan's picture is at right.

Other news coming in indicates that Hassan is the only known shooter.  However, some are doubting that one man with two handguns could have shot so many people without multiple reloads.  This may be clarified as the investigation gathers more facts.  Could he have had an automatic weapon as well?

Two other soldiers were taken into custody for questioning but have been released; they were not suspects but were witnesses.  A third individual has now been taken into custody for questioning.

The number of people Hasan killed was eleven.  The twelve dead previously reported included the shooter.

Update:  CNN is now reporting that Hasan is still alive!  Then why was he reported dead all day?  This is a strange twist.  General Bob Cone of Fort Hood is saying that Hasan is hospitalized in stable condition.  If this is true, perhaps we will learn the true reasons for his crime.

Update 2:  Not only was Nasan a Muslim, he was a devout and observant Muslim, per Jihad Watch.

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