Monday, November 30, 2009

Cop Killer Suspect is Shot, Still at Large in Seattle

News reports indicate the killer of four cops in Tacoma yesterday may have been wounded before he left Forza's coffee shop.  It is reported that two of the officers were shot in the head before they could react; one got to his feet but was shot before he could pull his gun; and the fourth struggled with the perp and got a shot off before being killed.  This scenario has not been confirmed and rumor sometimes passes for news before all facts are known.  I hope that one of the cops shot the SOB, however. 

Maurice Clemmons, the suspect in the case, continues to evade capture.  Clemmons is looking more and more guilty of the crime, an impression heightened by his flight from the police.  Earlier, ABC had a report that friends of Clemmons kept him overnight after the shooting, and told police that Clemmons had been gut shot.  If true, that would confirm the report that one of the cops got off a shot off before being killed. ABC seems to have withdrawn the story so I can't link to it.  

Earlier today cops surrounded a house in Seattle where Clemmons was thought to be holed up, but later found he was not there.  Police reported that there is evidence that Clemmons was there earlier, and that he had been shot.  The UK Times Online gives greater details and says Clemmons may be dead from his gunshot wound.

Clemmons flight from the police indicates he is conscious of his guilt.  Meanwhile, the reward for information leading to his capture has been raised to $125,000.

Since Mike Huckabee commuted this criminal's prison sentence and released him from jail, Huckabee's political career would appear to be over.  Huckabee, however, has never been my choice for the Republican nomination.  One more RINO shoots himself in the foot -- and good riddance.  It's a shame that four innocent cops had to pay for Huckabee's misplaced "compassion."

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