Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carrie Prejean's Sex Tapes (Yawn)

So Carrie Prejean made a sex tape for her boyfriend back when she was 17.  Except now the boyfriend said she made about twenty tapes and she was actually 19 when she made them.

Prejean became a darling of the right a few months ago when she told a beauty contest judge that she didn't approve of gay marriage.  This really ticked off the judge, one Perez Hilton, a guy who's so gay that he even makes gays feel uncomfortable.  So there was a big controversy; Carrie wasn't politically correct, she didn't verbalize the standard talking points for the political left and for Hollyweird and, horror of horrors, cited her faith in Jesus Christ as a reason.  We just can't allow anyone who isn't a doctrinaire leftist to be Miss California.

They couldn't fire her for her "intolerance" so they found some racy photos of her and used that as an excuse instead.  Prejean then sued the Miss California Pageant; their lawyers produced the teen sex tapes (to further prove Miss Prejean's lack of modesty) and the lawsuit was suddenly settled out of court.

Well I agree with Prejean about the gay marriage deal; I don't like it, but, realistically, it will happen sooner or later.  What I really dislike even more than gay marriage is people asking questions about it during beauty contests.  No matter what the contestant says, she is going to really annoy a lot of people.  Another thing I don't like in my Christian conservative poster girls is one who makes sex tapes.  No, I don't want to look at them.  She's too young, too blonde, too skinny and those false boobs make her look like someone shot her in the back with a couple of torpedoes.

In any case, I am sick of hearing about Carrie Prejean.  She is no angel, that's for sure and certainly no poster girl for conservatives.

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