Saturday, November 07, 2009

Jihadi Traitors in the US Military

There are several articles out today that try to explain the motiviations of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the killer of 13 people at Fort Hood on Thursday.  The liberals are spinning it as not religion-related, not Islam related, blah blah blah.  They are fools -- always have been, always will be.

The most accurate analysis, in my not-so-humble, well-read and informed opinion, comes from
War On Terror: The Fort Hood terrorist is being portrayed as an "anomaly," an "aberration," a "lone wolf." Sadly, he's just one of many examples of jihadist traitors in the ranks of the military.
Together they form a dangerous Fifth Column, and the Pentagon — thanks to institutionalized political correctness — is doing next to nothing to root them out .
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