Saturday, November 14, 2009

Associated Press Tries to Discredit Palin's New Book

The Associated Press is decidedly leftwing, as anyone well knows who has followed the news for years.  I don't recall them "fact checking" any of Obama's ghost-written books, or Kerry's, or Gore's; but maybe I just missed them.  In any case, a team of AP journalists are poring over every page of "Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin.  Surprise, surprise, they have found errors, noting that "Palin has gone rogue on some of the facts."

Well that sounds pretty scary all right.  Did Palin lie about important events or facts?  Well no.  The AP has only uncovered "errors" in immaterial facts (some of which aren't errors at all, but merely differences of opinion), none that would change either Palin's argument or undermine her credibility.  However, they're hoping you'll just read the headline and carry away the false impression it was designed to create.  Kathy Shaidle at Frontpage's Newsreal says this:
One man decoded the Rosetta Stone. Two guys with manual typewriters waded through “Watergate”. But today, it apparently takes eleven “reporters” to read a book (“It was hardcover!”), unearth “errors” that aren’t very important and in some cases aren’t even “errors”, then write a 700-word article about their epoch-making discoveries.
It should be noted that virtually every book that is published contains some errors.  Publishing houses have editors and fact-checkers who pore over the book before publication, and they find most of the errors, but not all.  Many if not most of the AP's efforts above were to argue with Palin about "who cares" topics, like the types of hotels she stayed in during the presidential campaign -- really important stuff, to be sure.

Read it all here.

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