Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ex-Con Maurice Clemmons Sought for Questioning in Murders of Lakewood Police Officers

Maurice Clemmons has a long criminal record in both Arkansas and Washington state and was released on bail just six days ago.  He lives and works in Tacoma, Washington, the city where four police officers were slain this morning.

Clemmons's history is one of an erratic, unpredictable criminal with a slippery grasp on reality.   One of the most startling aspects of his record is that he was serving a 60 year prison term in Arkansas, but had his sentence commuted by then Governor Mike Huckabee.  During the last presidential primaries, Huckabee's detractors pointed him out as a liberal Republican; this would tend to confirm that impression.

The Seattle Times says this about Clemmons:
Although Clemmons was judged competent to stand trial in Washington after a mental evaluation, he has a long history of mentally suspect behavior. A sheriff's report uncovered by KOMO, Clemmons' sister told police,
Maurice is not in his right mind and did not know how he could react when contacted by Law Enforcement...She stated that he was saying that the secret service was coming to get him because he had written a letter to the President. She stated his behavior has become unpredictable and erratic. She suspects he is having a mental breakdown.
Clemmons is 5'8", 235 lbs, with black hair, brown eyes, and a mole on his left cheek. He is considered extremely dangerous. Again, if you have any information about his whereabouts, please call the Sheriff's Department Tip Line, 1-866-977-2362.
Read the Seattle Times story here.

It is to be noted that Maurice Clemmons is only a person of interest in this case, he is not a suspect (yet).  Update:  Clemmons is now wanted for murder and is officially a suspect in the case.  A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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