Thursday, November 05, 2009

UPDATED: Twelve Dead, Thirty-one Wounded After Shooting Spree at Ford Hood Army Base, Texas

This is breaking news.  The Army says two shooters were dressed in army fatigues but they have not confirmed whether the killers were army or civilian.

Yeah, that was my thought too:  Muslim terrorists.  We'll have to wait and see, however.

One suspect is in custody and one is still at large.

See Fox News report for more information.

Update 1:  Fox now reporting 30 injured and 7 dead.

Update 2:  Situation is not yet under control.  President apprised.

Update 3:  Sirens are still being heard on base.  The shootings occurred at the Family Readiness Center of the army base.  Children are onsite and a mother worries that she cannot get to her child on the base.

Update 4:  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson to give interview.  She said the soldiers who were killed were preparing to deploy to Iraq.

Update 5:  Name of captured shooter has not been released.  Six of the wounded were soldiers.

Update 6:  Some say that the dead now number 9.  Shooting occurred at a graduation ceremony.

Update 7:  12 now confirmed dead.

Update 8:  Unconfirmed report that the captured shooter is an Army Major with an Arabic sounding name.

Update 9:  Shooter is dead, 12 dead and 31 wounded.  Two other suspects apprehended and they are soldiers.

Update 10:  Situation almost under control but Army unwilling to declare the all clear yet.  FBI is doing background checks on the three soldiers involved.

Update 11:  President Obama is speaking now.  He didn't say much or offer any new information.

Update 12:  The shooter used two handguns to kill 11 soldiers and one contract police officer.

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