Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joe Lieberman Moves Right

Joe Lieberman, Senator from Connecticut and a former Democrat, became an independent when his party booted him out for his views on Iraq.  So much for the Democrat "Big Tent."  Joe then ran for reelection as an independent, defeating the party-approved Democrat, and won.

Now Joe is saying that the public option in health insurance reform would be bad for the country and that he will filibuster the bill when it arrives in the Senate.  He said:
“People, I think, who really want a single-payer system and government control of health insurance are using the public option as a nose under the tent, a camel’s nose under the tent,” he said, adding that, “they’ve got a right to that point of view – I think they’re wrong and I think it would be terrible for the country and for health care, so I’ve got to stop it.”
 Read it all here.

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