Sunday, November 01, 2009

Political Races to Watch on Tuesday

There are three political races that conservatives are watching closely.  They will be decided by the vote this coming Tuesday, November 3rd.  They are:

NY 23rd Congressional Election - The grassroots of the GOP (the conservatives) rejected the liberal candidate that the Party officially endorsed, i.e. Dede Scozzafava.  They instead supported Doug Hoffman, a conservative Republican who is running on the Conservative Party ticket.  Polls showed Hoffman in the lead between the three candidates, which included Bill Owens, the Democrat.  Then Scozzfava dropped out.  Most pundits say this is a good thing for the conservatives and Republicans, because now Hoffman is expected to win handily.  Let's hope so.  If Hoffman wins it will send a clear message to the Republican Party leaders:  NO MORE RINOS.  We want Republican candidates who are true to Republican principles, not rehashed liberals and Democrat-lite, me-too Republicans-In-Name-Only.

Update:  Dan Riehl of Riehl World View tells just how leftwing Scozzafava actually is:  both she and her husband are now supporting Democrat Bill Owens.  Scozzafava's husband is a labor union leader and a dogmatic Democrat.  This is the kind of candidate the New Gingrichs of thw world would foist on us.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Election - Republican Chris Christie is challenging Democrat Governor Jon Corzine in the latter's reelection bid.  Polls show the race to be a dead heat, with Christie at 43% and Corzine at 42%, i.e. too close to call.  An independent third candidate, Dagget, has been dropping in the polls and his supporters appear to be migrating to Christie.  Barack Obama is going to appear in New Jersey to try and drum up support for Corzine; however, this could backfire with Obama's own support plummeting.

If the race is close, conservatives worry about another ACORN style vote-theft or suspicious recounts, like those that elected Al Franken.  A clear victory by Christie would be a boon to the GOP and further evidence of a Republican resurgence.

See also Another Black Conservative's report on a Christie rally that he attended.

Virginia Gubernatorial Election - Republican Bob McDonnell is battling Democrat R. Creigh Deeds for the governorship of Virginia.  McDonnell leads in the polls and is expected to win.  Virginia has been in Democratic hands for the past eight years.

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