Monday, July 25, 2011

Amanda Knox Moves Closer to Freedom: Prosecution's DNA Evidence Discredited

Shortly after the Amanda Knox conviction for murder in Italy, I changed my opinion in light of emerging evidence.  I had at first accepted the prosecution's tale of murder and intrigue, but soon thereafter concluded that Knox was innocent and that her conviction a disgrace to justice.

Today in Italy, Knox's appeal moved her another step closer to freedom.  ABC reports:
The family of Amanda Knox said that testimony today by DNA experts at the appeal of her Italian murder conviction was "huge" and put the American exchange student "another day closer to freedom."

The Knox family was buoyed by the testimony of court appointed experts who said the prosecution's collection, handling and interpreting of DNA on two crucial pieces of evidence used to convict Knox of killing her roommate was blatantly flawed.
The two DNA experts disputed claims made by the prosecution during the original murder trial:
Conti and Vecchiotti testified today that they found no DNA or blood on the blade of a knife found in Sollecito's kitchen that prosecutors claimed was the murder weapon. Prosecutors had claimed during the trial that the knife had DNA from both Knox and Kercher on it.
Read more about it here.

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