Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Casey Anthony Acquittal: Biggest Injustice Since O.J. Simpson

"Party, party, party!"
Casey Anthony got away with it.  The evidence suggests she killed her 2 year old daughter so she could be free to party, party, party.   If she wasn't guilty, why did she lie like hell about the circumstances of her daughter's death?  Why did she dump the body?

I can understand the doctrine of "presumption of innocence."  I agree with it.  I also agree that it is better to let 100 guilty persons go free than convict one innocent person of a crime that they did not commit.  All things being equal, I would have voted to acquit too.

Cheney Mason, Casey's Defense Attorney
Shows What He Thinks of Justice
Except that all things weren't equal, and in this case, I would have voted to convict.  The reason is simple:  Casey Anthony lied like hell, as if she had something to hide.  She did not call 911 when her daughter "drowned in a swimming pool."  She tried to disguise an "accidental" death as a murder, for no obvious purpose.  She dumped her child's body in a wood instead of burying it in a cemetery, thus allowing the body to decompose so that the cause of death could not be determined.  It is reasonable to conclude that Casey disposed of Caylee's body because any forensic examination and autopsy would prove that the little girl was murdered.

Casey's admitted destruction of critical evidence should have been held against her.  Instead, her destruction of that evidence resulted in her acquittal.  How just is that?

All of these factors revoke the "presumption of innocence" in my mind.  Someone who is acting very guilty and who has destroyed the evidence needed to determine how Caylee died, should be presumed to be guilty at that point.  If the guilty verdict convicts an "innocent" person in this case, then that's just fine -- because that person convicted herself by her lies and her actions -- just like Scott Peterson did when he murdered his wife in 2002.

Casey Anthony is a pig, but there is nothing more we can do.  The jury has rendered its verdict, and no matter how asinine, we are stuck with it.  Be aggravated and angry today, but then let it go.  Anthony will not escape cosmic justice.

Read more about the acquittal in the UK Mail Online.

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