Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Norway Shooter and the English Defence League

Now the U.K. Telegraph joins the riot of "guilt by association," claiming that Anders Breivik had "extensive ties" to the English Defence League (the EDL).  It is thus implied that the EDL and Breivik must have agreed on the need for violence.  Nonsense.

Last month, the EDL kicked out its Jewish section leader, one Roberta Moore, for her support of a violent terrorist, a Jew who was convicted of plotting to bomb Russian targets in the US.  This proves conclusively that the EDL disavows violence and distances itself from it.  In fact, the EDL was subsequently slandered by Moore in an effort to justify her departure and to get revenge, but the truth remains:  the EDL rejected any alliance with violent people.

Breivik hated multiculturalism and Islamic extremism and read from many sources on the subject.  However, none of these sources advocated violence against Muslims or anyone else.

So what does Breivik say about the English Defence League in his "manifesto"?  He describes it:
Organisations like EDL, doesn't [sic] have an official extreme political doctrine.
 And also:
Instead of condemning and rejecting organisations like EDL it is essential that conservative intellectuals contribute to help them on the right ideological path. And to ensure that they continue to reject criminal, racist and totalitarian doctrines.

Sure, they will always be labelled as racists by the MSM, but who aren’t labelled? Everyone who criticises Islamisation or multiculturalism and supports Israel are labelled as racists, fascists and Nazis anyway. Europeans are getting increasingly immune against the multiculturalist labelling techniques. More and more people understand that Islam is not a race, but a hateful political ideology. When they continue with the labelling techniques despite of this, it is actually the individuals labelling other groups who are perceived as intolerant bigots. People aren't stupid.
It is obvious that Breivik believed the the EDL to be non-racist, non-criminal and non-totalitarian.  So he endorsed it for that reason.  Of course, this position is very much at odds with Breivik's decision to mass murder innocents in Norway.  There is no logical connection.  But then again, Breivik is insane.  Logic or consistency in thought and action are not the hallmarks of a deranged mind.

The conclusions here are obvious.  Breivik was not influenced in his mad scheme by the EDL, and any attempt to connect the dots is doomed to failure.

Update:  Later I discovered that Breivik subsequently denounced the EDL for its refusal to use violence and terror in pursuit of political goals.  Read about it here.


Always On Watch said...

I have linked to the index of your posts labeled "Anders Behring Breivik" at the end of the lengthy post I published this evening. Just an FYI.

You've got great coverage on this!

Stogie said...

Thanks AOW, I will check it out.

Donald Douglas said...

Stogie: Sources tell me that Roberta Moore resigned. She wasn't kicked out. She resigned because of Hel Gower. Other than that, this isn't the big a deal to me. I said what I wanted to say at the post. Seems Pamela's vindicated by the Telegraph report, and of course that depends on who believes whom. Did Anders contact EDL? Other sources say so. Robinson denies. So who knows? Outside of that I'm reading up on EDL and, sorry, they look like a bunch of drunken ruffians and violent hooligans. Lots of violence and killing being advocated, and that's not how I'd be associated with counter-jihad. It's a war of speech and ideas. I'd take up arms if sent to fight or if we're invaded. But outside the Breivik's deeds are criminally insane. I'd still like to see what GOV has to say, but they're hunkered down and not talkin'.

Stogie said...

Donald, if Roberta Moore resigned, she did so under pressure. The EDL had informed Moore that if she did not renounce her alliance with a known terrorist, the EDL would be forced to sever its links with her. She refused to do so and then left the organization.

I have the story here:

No, Pamela Geller has not been vindicated. She was asked to provide proof that the EDL was taken over by "neo-Nazis" and never was able or willing to do so. The truth is, she saw trashing the EDL as an opportunity to expand her empire into Europe, replacing them with yet another Geller/Spencer organization.