Thursday, July 28, 2011

Robert Stacy McCain Sells Out for Hits: Claims Pamela Geller Was "Vindicated" in Smearing the EDL

Robert Stacy McCain stuck his foot in it this morning, with his post:  "Pamela Geller Vindicated Again..."  He writes:
And let me just remind you that, three weeks before the Oslo massacre, Pamela Geller was being criticized for going public with her concerns about neo-Nazi elements in the English Defence League. My defense of her at that time was simple: If Pamela Geller says you’ve got an anti-Semitism problem, you probably have an anti-Semitism problem.
Fast-forward to the aftermath of Oslo, and Breivik’s claims of “connections” with members of the EDL.

If this is true, don’t you kind of wonder if the EDL members who were buddies with the Norwegian terrorist were some of the same neo-Nazi types Geller was warning about?
This is my response to McCain, posted at his website in the comments section:
When you get it wrong, Stacy, you really get it wrong. Pamela Geller has not been vindicated, though I am sure your misinformed post will get you want, namely, a link and some more hits. "Hits before truth" appears to be the new watchword of "The Other McCain." Kissing ass for link favors is so unseemly, Stacy. You denigrate your reputation in so doing, and so does Donald Douglas. Both of you have lost credibility in my eyes.

Some of us are not so easily taken in, and I proved that Geller's buddy Roberta Moore slandered the EDL with the "neo-Nazi" smear as revenge for being kicked out of the EDL for her ties to a violent Jewish terrorist. Geller simply took Moore's word for it. Do read it here:

Geller then refused to provide any details of the alleged "neo-Nazi" ties of the EDL, because she couldn't. None exist. Further, Anders Breivik disdained the English Defence League because the EDL eschewed violence and terrorism and was dedicated to working through the democratic system. I have a complete post on Breivik's disdain for the EDL that was posted just last night and is based on my actual reading of Breivik's manifesto. Read it here and learn why you should actually research such an article before reaching dubious conclusions:

Post script:  I suspect that Pamela Geller was quick to throw the EDL under the bus so she could start yet another Geller/Spencer organization, this time in Europe.  She saw an opportunity to expand her empire and acted recklessly, without doing the required research beforehand as to the truth.  She has not been vindicated in her smear of the English Defence League.  Indeed, as more information comes to light, the EDL is the one who is vindicated, not Geller. 

Meanwhile, it's hard to believe that R.S.  McCain was once a professional reporter -- that he is willing to trash a large group of European conservatives on the unproved say-so of one of his buddies [really great research skills there, Stacy].  I have long been utterly turned off by McCain's buddy-blogging and blog-whoring for links but today he reached a new low.  Having been slandered far and wide by leftists himself, you would think McCain would be a bit more careful before doing the same thing to other conservatives.

Update:  McCain got what he wanted for his unprincipled whitewash of Geller, a link from her here, and no doubt, lots of new hits.  Stacy, you sell your honor cheap.


Nick said...

Quite right, Stogie. Pamela Geller says very clearly in her original post entitled "EDL Shake-up" that she wanted people in the UK to abandon the EDL and support Roberta Moore as she created a new group. The problem is that Roberta Moore wanted to hold hands with Victor Vancier, someone who had already been convicted for carrying out acts of domestic terrorism in the United States. So let's get the facts straight: The EDL say "Cheerio" to Roberta Moore after she tried to link them up with Victor Fancier. And Pamela Geller says she values Moore's judgement and wants her to create a new group in the UK - and more importantly she wants everyone in the UK to sign up. And Pamela Geller is 'vindicated'?

I don't think so.

Nick said...

I've posted a couple of comments over there too. I don't expect him to have the balls to let those comments stand. We'll see though.

Stogie said...

Thanks Nick. I will add your blog to my blog roll.