Saturday, July 30, 2011

Steve Benson of the Arizona Republic Protests Saberpoint Article That Criticized Him

Steve Benson is objecting to the dressing down I gave him after he printed a cartoon showing Sarah Palin with a pistol for a mouth.  This was right after the Jared Loughner mass murder in Tuscon.  Benson was attempting to tie Sarah Palin's "targeted districts" map to Loughner's mass murder.  There was, of course, no connection.  His cartoon was slander in the extreme.

Apparently, he's a bit upset that I disdained the Pulitzer prize, since it is most often awarded to the most extreme political leftists, like him.  Unfair, Steve?  And your cartoon, was that fair?

He has already made two comments at my post located here.

It's nice to know that I got under his skin; that's exactly what I intended to do.

Check out the post and the comments if so inclined.

Update:  I cannot be sure that this commenter is indeed Steve Benson; it may just be another troll who is pulling my leg to waste my time.  However, my statcounter revealed numerous google searches for Steve Benson that originated from Cox Communications in Arizona.

Update 2:  I received another message from this commenter stating that he is indeed the right Steve Benson.


Steve Benson said...

You didn't dress me down.

I simply cleaned you up.

And now you're the one who's upset.


Steve Benson
Editorial cartoonist
The Arizona Republic

Steve Benson said...

If Ms. Palin's website managers aren't going to support her defense of her political gun site map after all she went through to justify it (they abruptly yanked it off the Palin website after the Tucson massacre), then I don't feel I have an obligation to support her on it, either.

Steve Benson
Editorial cartoonist
The Arizona Republic

Stogie said...

Steve, Democrats had begun calling it a "gun sight" map even before the Tucson massacre. Even the Congresswoman who was shot had a YouTube video complaining that the map was a call to violence.

It was just propaganda and had no semblance of the truth. The map targeted political districts, and the term "target" can refer to many things besides people: targeted sales, targeted markets, etc.

If Jared Loughner was affected by anything that caused him to target the Congresswoman, it was the massive Democrat propaganda effort, not the innocuous map itself. When you publish far and wide that Democrats are gun targets, you just might give a lunatic an idea.

Now aren't you ashamed of yourself?