Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Breivik Appears in Court; Denied Request to Wear Uniform; Begins "Propaganda Phase" of His Operation

Anders Breivik appeared in a Norwegian court today.  He admitted responsibility for the mass murder of Norwegian citizens but denied doing anything criminal.  Like the Islamists he pretends to oppose, Breivik apparently thinks one may murder anyone anytime, for any reason, so long as he believes it is in service of a high cause.

Now, according to Breivik's written manifesto, begins the "propaganda phase" of his operation.  He writes:
Post-operational phases – propaganda and consolidation

7a. Apprehension

If you for some reason survive the operation you will be apprehended and arrested. This is the point where most heroic Knights would call it a day. However, this is not the case for a Justiciar Knight. Your arrest will mark the initiation of the propaganda phase.

7b. Your trial offers you a stage to the world
See 3.63, 3.64 and 3.57-3.60
A Lunatic Smirks
The sections he cites, however, have nothing to do with "offering a stage to the world."  They relate to commemorating "martyrs" and blowing up nuclear power plants.

Breivik, perhaps in imitation of Napoleon, has invented a grandiose uniform for members of his newly reconstituted "Knights Templar," along with medals, all of which he appears to have awarded himself.  In his manifesto, he has a picture of himself wearing the uniform.  He appeared in a Norwegian court today and had requested permission to wear the uniform, but was turned down.  See photo above.

I saw this picture of Breivik in a police car as he arrived at court.  He has a proud smirk on his face, very much like the one on Lee Harvey Oswald's face after murdering President Kennedy.

There's nothing wrong with this boy that a long drop and a shorter rope won't fix.  However, the maximum prison sentence in Norway (even for murder) is said to be only 21 years.  Breivik will be out before you know it.

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