Monday, July 25, 2011

Breivik Describes Use of a Policeman's Uniform As a Disguise

I found a couple of passages in Breivik's "manifesto" in which he describes using a police uniform as a disguise for carrying out a terrorist attack.

Here's the first:
You may have to sleep under the stars for a couple of nights so consider adding a small, compact sleeping bag with some water protective material which will allow you to create an improvised tent. You must also include a back pack which will allow you to carry the above equipment and warm clothing/a disguise (a police uniform with forged police insignia/ID, mustache, glasses and a police cap/hat). If you encounter anyone it will be easy to explain that you are in pursuit of the suspect (the news story which explains that “you have escaped” will therefore act to your benefit as it will give credibility to your “cover story”. 
Here's the second:
a. Create and wear a police combat uniform replica. Make serious efforts in recreating credible insignias, ID and marks. Study media pics of SWAT agents from your country. This will create confusion and hesitation when engaging hostile agents and should buy you at least 1-2 extra seconds. These extra seconds will give you the edge you need in order to neutralise any potential threat (2 head shots). The police illusion will also act as a deterrent towards preventing potential civilian charges.
According to news reports, Breivik took his own advice.  He was wearing a policeman's uniform as he systematically murdered 76 people in a summer camp.  Many who confronted him no doubt thought he represented safety and came to him only to be shot dead.

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