Sunday, July 03, 2011

"No Sheeples Here" Missed on Independence Day

Carol of "No Sheeples Here" was once a close confidant of mine, and I enjoyed her friendship, her input, her take on things.  I especially enjoyed her patriotic Photoshops that really captured the spirit of holidays, like Independence Day, July 4th.

Carol and I drifted apart as we followed different interests, but I still checked in from time to time to see what she was doing.  Yesterday I tried to visit her blog,, only to find that it was no longer online.  That made me feel sad.

Did Carol delete her blog?  I hope not.  You can take your blogger blog offline without destroying it, simply by making it invisible to search engines through the dashboard, or by changing it from a "public" blog to a private one.

I fear that Carol may have run afoul of someone claiming copyright infringement -- I don't really know, but I thought it was dangerous for her to often use sheep images from the Serta Mattress commercials.  With her graphic skills, she could have easily created her own.  Whatever the reasons for her sudden disappearance, I hope that she solves whatever problem she faces and rejoins the blogosphere.  I am sure that many of us would be glad to help, in any way possible.

Carol, I will be thinking of you on Independence Day.  You are missed.



Proof said...

Carol felt she had to step away from blogging for a least a while.

I put up a post where people could show her the love and that she'd be missed.

Stogie said...

Thanks for the link, Proof.

Always On Watch said...

No Sheeples Here is gone? Sad indeed.

Donald Douglas said...

Stogie: Carol made enemies easily. Picked sides in blog wars without thinking first and burned bridges. You and I disagree on things but we've stayed from for about 4 or 5 years now. Anyway, have a great Independence Day.

Stogie said...

Donald, I believe you are correct about her making enemies. She had her good side and she had another side too.