Monday, July 11, 2011

At the Snob Café: Ann Althouse and the Politics of Posturing

Ann Althouse
Ann Althouse likes to post pictures of plants and flowers and other Wisconsin flora and fauna, then label her post to describe it "At the ___ Café."  Her post today is "At the Garlic Café."  My post, in her honor, is called "At the Snob Café."

Yesterday I took Robert Stacy McCain to task for overstating his case against Althouse for voting for Obama.  His premise was sound, but he used a cannon to kill a gnat.  However, a gnat is still a gnat and a snob is still a snob, and I think Althouse is the latter.  She claims that her vote for Obama in 2008 was a rational act, but I doubt it.  Obama's credentials as a prosperity-destroying collectivist ideologue were well known, as were his radical associates.  The consequences of voting for him were obvious, but Ann Althouse chose not to see them.  (See my take on it just before the election in 2008.)

Then I had an epiphany.  If one wishes to establish his or her credentials as a wonderfully non-partisan, open-minded, racially tolerant and downright wonderful individual, a heroine to her college students, what better way than to vote for the hip hop candidate of choice, the candidate of sweetness and light.  Voting for Obama was just another way for snobs to posture ("look at me, I'm so enlightened!").  Althouse could not pass up the temptation.  I don't think there is anything cerebral in her decision.  Her vote was more a fashion statement than political conviction.

R.S. McCain wants Althouse to admit her error and apologize.  I want Pamela Geller to admit her error (in slandering the English Defence League) and apologize.  I seriously doubt that either of us will get his wish.  Snobs never apologize.



Pastorius said...

Agreed. But, what was David Horowitz' excuse?

Stogie said...

Pas, I am not aware that Horowitz voted for Obama; I would find that very hard to believe. Do you have a link for that?

I know that his editor, David Swindle, voted for Obama, and that Swindle is a complete idiot, but I assume Horowitz appointed Swindle as a way to make up with his leftist, estranged daughter.