Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cleaning Out the Ol' Blog Roll: In Pursuit of Those Who Value Truth Over Hit Counters

Today I cleaned out my blog roll, deleting those bloggers who have disappointed me, as well as their me-too hangers-on bloggers.  I also deleted some blogs that I just never read.

I have in particular some ill feelings towards bloggers who care more about their hit counters than they do their own integrity or to the pursuit of truth.  If hits are all you care about, become a copycat of National Inquirer or some skin magazine.

I am going to begin looking for a new blogger crowd to hang out with.  If I get a lot of hits, fine, but if I don't, then that's fine too.

Here's a poem from 19th-century German romantic poet Theodore Fontane, as published at Gates of Vienna:

I believe in truth.
To look for her, to search for her within us and around us
            must be our highest purpose. In that, we serve
            first and foremost yesterday and today.
Without truth there is no security and no continuity.
Be not afraid when the pack starts to scream and shout.
            For nothing in this world is more hated and feared
            than the truth.
Nevertheless, at the end of the day, any opposition to the truth
            will crumble like the night in the face of daybreak.


Psota said...

Harsh. If you want to find some more reliable blogs, check out Verum Serum, Chaos Manor & Vox Day. Verum is especially good: lots of original content, including videos. They've also managed to break some big stories.

Stogie said...

Psota, with your recommendation I will add them to my blog roll.