Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway Shooter Felt Democracy Offered "No Hope," Advocated Armed Struggle

Anders Behring Breivik
I obtained a pdf copy of the political manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway shooter and mass-murderer of over 100 Norwegians this week.  I converted it to Word format and have extracted several key passages that shed light on Breivik's mindset.

Breivik's manifesto contains much truth about the advance of cultural Marxism and the brainwashing of the West with multiculturalism and mind control, i.e., "political correctness."  However, Breivik discloses a growing alienation from democratic processes, which he felt were too weak and too compromised to be an effective avenue for redress of conservative grievances.  He broaches the subject of violence this way:
War or armed resistance has traditionally always been used as a last resort, used when dialogue has proven to be ineffective. The justification for use of armed resistance against the European cultural Marxist/multiculturalist systems is tied to the outlook for cultural conservative political success. You have to ask yourself; is it remotely possible under the current conditions that a conservative, monocultural political party will ever gain substantial political influence? An increasing number of Europeans are opening their eyes to the reality that the democratical struggle through dialogue has been lost. The cultural Marxists have institutionalised multiculturalism and have no intention of ever allowing us to exercise any political influence of significance. In theory we, the cultural conservatives of Europe, have become slaves under an oppressive, tyrannical, extreme left-wing system with absolutely no hope of reversing the damage they have caused. At least not democratically..
To his question of  "is it remotely possible under the current conditions that a conservative, monocultural political party will ever gain substantial political influence?"  I have to answer, "no."  However, that terrible truth in no way supports Breivik's criminal solution, the mass murder of innocents.

Breivik continues his rationalization of violence:
It is meaningless to participate in the democratical process when you are not allowed to raise important issues without being subjected to political and social persecution through stigmatisation and ridicule. It is time to acknowledge that we, the cultural conservatives of Western Europe, are deceiving ourselves to believe that it is remotely possible to change the system democratically.

The continuation of the ongoing peaceful dialogue with the cultural Marxists/multiculturalists only serves to further diminish our demographical advantages. They are growing stronger while we are being weakened every year. It is counter-productive, even lethal to waste another five decades on meaningless dialogue while we are continuously losing our demographical advantage. We have never and will never be allowed to ever exercise any influence. The cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites nationally and in Brussels have for the last five decades created a resilient system whose objective is to ridicule, persecute, harass and silence us. They will continue to systematically marginalise us until the day when we are no longer a threat to them.

The following arguments will further underline why any democratical or peaceful cultural conservative victory of significance is impossible...
After Timothy McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, his violence was blamed on "right wing rhetoric."  However, his violence was really based on leftwing, governmental extremism at both Waco and Ruby Ridge.  This is not to justify his evil act, but to provide an accurate description of his motivations.

Now we have Anders Behring Breivik, another individual of McVeigh's ilk.  His violence will again be blamed on "right wing rhetoric," but once again his actions are based on leftist political activities and a feeling of hopelessness in bringing change through democratic processes.  Breivik's huge crime was largely caused by Gramscian  leftist political strategy, which has been highly successful in undermining western culture and institutions over the past 75 years.  Now, in response to that crime, we can expect more Gramscian propaganda and a continued feeling of alienation by conservative nationalists, who will be vilified once again for resisting the death of the West, and again painted as mad men bent on violence, of whom Breivik is but the most recent example.

Those on the left should resist the temptation to make political hay out of this tragedy. It is the politics of smear and personal destruction that are leading us to a place where some may see violence as the only possible way to bring about needed change.

The left manufactured Anders Behring Breivik.  It is they who should take a long look in the mirror.

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Donald Douglas said...

Linked: 'Feeling of Hopelessness' Behind Norway Shooter's Motivations'.

jim said...

The subtext of this event & others like it is hardly obscure. Every time regressive ideology falls before social progress, its most fanatical adherents discover that the best (or only) revanchist strategy left available to them is terrorism. Islamic fundamentalists in Yemen or Saudi Arabia embrace it for the same reason ultra-conservatives & fascists in America or Europe do: in their worldview the lives of others are worthless until & unless they are in fundamental compliance with The One True Path To Earthly/Heavenly Paradise.

Your post contains an implied threat in its own subtext: this recent tragedy just proves yet again that those filthy liberals had damned well better stop proving how anachronistic & toxic conservatism is in 2011, or maybe by 2012 many of them will become "FAIR GAME" to all the owners of those hilarious Liberal Hunting License stickers. This was all THEIR fault for not doing more in time to accomodate nativism, eliminationism & xenophobia before it turned rogue from being marginalized!

It would indeed be arguably parlous of liberals to "make political hay" from this loathsome mass-murder. There hardly seems to be anything but grief in it for them, since conservatism is now so courteously suiciding itself piecemeal in public that it reeks of adding insult to injury.

Stogie said...

Jim, the error in your alleged thinking is that socialism is "progress." It is your ideology that is proposes "heaven on earth" when it is in fact a perennial failure. Leftism results only in loss for humanity, loss of prosperity, loss of individual freedom, loss of the ability to search for truth.

Conservatism is freedom, real progress, and real prosperity. Socialism is hell and only fools support it.

jim said...

Conservatism is freedom, real progress, and real prosperity, if you just stay upwind from it while you ignore its rock-solid championship at transforming personal & national wealth into personal & national debt ... or blithely withering vital human rights away due to drugs/terrorism/whatever excuse sells best.

Progress fails to conserve accurately by definition. Your rhetorical equation of progress with conservatism is false.

Proud, macho & failing basic semantics is no way to go through life, son.

Stogie said...

Ah Jim, you are as ignorant as I would expect from a ranting, true-believing pinko.

"Progressivism" isn't progress, but an obsolete model of governance that has been completely discredited by history. You are not "modern" in your beliefs, you are antiquated.

As for transforming wealth into debt, that would be the Democratic Party, first by causing the subprime mortgage meltdown and now by spending trillions of dollars on junk that no one wants or needs, but which will keep future generations in debt for decades.

I haven't "failed" anything, twirp; it is you who have failed Critical Thinking 1-A, Economics, History and Basic Logic.

Always On Watch said...


Can you email me a copy of what you downloaded? I'd like the Word conversion.

My email is at my web site.

Thank you.

Stogie said...

AOW, the Word version is over 10 MB so I am not sure if it will go through, but I will send it in 1997-2003 Word format.

Always On Watch said...

I read today that Breivik had mentioned using steroids.

If so, the combination of steroids and his frustration with the futility of democratic avenues may well have driven him to commit such atrocious deeds.

What I find distressing today is the blame game -- including the casting of blame by the New York Times in the direction of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Gates of Vienna.

Now, those folks may not be your favorite people. But as far as I know, none of them have ever advocated violent revolution -- much less wholesale murder.

In any case, what happens when people feel such a disconnect with their government? Look to history for examples.

Understand this: I am in no way condoning the actions of Breivik!

Always On Watch said...


Send me pdf too, please, and I'll see what I can do with it.


Techtard AOW

Always On Watch said...

You said:
Breivik's huge crime was largely caused by Gramscian leftist political strategy, which has been highly successful in undermining western culture and institutions over the past 75 years.

And there is an important truth!

That truth isn't being discussed enough right now, IMO.

Donald Douglas said...

Socialism is death, Stogie. You're right: every time it's been tried there's been abject failure. Keep speaking out on this subject. Hardly anyone else will.