Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mass Murder In Norway

Very strange happenings this week. A reader and commenter at the respected blog Gates of Vienna committed mass murder in Norway.  Gates of Vienna reports:
The mass murderer at Utøya is now said to have been a Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik. He is reported to have posted frequent comments at various anti-jihad websites up until sometime last year. The Scandinavians tell me that these comments showed mainstream counterjihad sentiments, with no incitements to violence or evidence of homicidal insanity.
Indeed, the shooter had revealed himself in public comments that he was pro-Israel, anti-Nazi, anti-racist and anti-Jihad.  He publicly disparaged "ideologies of hate" like Communism, Nazism and Islam.

In spite of his reasonable public statements, Breivik then dressed himself in a policeman's uniform and began to execute civilians at a summer camp in Norway, many of them children.  These people were not Muslims, as one might surmise.  They were children of the Center-Left labor party of Norway.

What on earth did Breivik hope to accomplish?  Around 100 people are dead, making this one of the worst mass murder episodes in recent history.  There is no rational explanation for these deeds.  They were acts of a deranged mind.

Crazy people come from all walks of life, apparently.  They can explode without warning and begin killing people.  There is almost nothing we can do to stop them, except possibly passing right-to-carry laws.  When the only one with a gun is mentally deranged, those without guns find themselves at a distinct disadvantage.  Like the dead in Norway.

Almost as bad will be the leftist/liberal hateful propaganda that will be born of this.  Pamela Geller had a worthy quote on this.  She said:
But this is war. And the left is vicious, amoral and depraved. They mean to win, and that is the only way they know how. 

Hat tip:  Gates of Vienna

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