Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hideously Diverse Britain

Ah yes, we are made so much stronger by our "diversity."  Or so liberals like to say.  The less we have in common, the more we will cleave together as a society.  Also, up is down and right is left.

A report in the U.K. Guardian says:
Some 6,000 girls in London every year are taken abroad and subjected to genital mutilation. Yes, it's culturally sensitive but does that matter?
Of course, if we really want to "celebrate diversity," the Brits should have never prohibited the practice of suttee in India.  That was the "cultural tradition" of many Indians, which was to require widows to jump onto their dead husbands' funeral pyres so they could burn with him.  Ouch.  The Hindus gave up the practice when informed of the British tradition of hanging murderers (including those who enforced suttee).

Now it appears that genital mutilation of young girls is the new suttee.  Read more about this example of the wonderful diversity that makes us stronger here.

Only those who are "divisive" and "culturally intolerant" would object.  Count me in.

Hat tip:  Blazing Cat Fur (Be sure to visit the link and watch Pat Condell's righteous rant on the evils of Islam in western culture).


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