Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Reflecting Light" on Bloggers' Alleged Inspiration of Mass Murder in Norway

The blog "Reflecting Light" has but one post on the Norway murders, but it is worth reading.  In defense of anti-jihad blogs, the author writes:
Gates of Vienna, its frequent contributor Fjordman, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, "cultural conservatives" and many others who oppose the Islamization of the west are extremists only in the eyes of the leftist/Muslim united front. They ask us to face an uncomfortable truth: that there are almost no positives about Muslim immigration and many negatives; that Muslims will not "integrate," except in the most superficial ways, into Western cultures; and that Islam is an all-embracing politico-religious system stuck in a stage of intolerance that other cultures have long since gotten over.

The anti-jihad movement has nothing to apologize for.
Read it all here.

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