Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Targeting" Maps, Democrats Vs Republicans; Rebuttal to Steven Benson

"Steve Benson," if that is who he is, apparently concluded that Sarah Palin's "targeting" map was a call to violence, and that this is what triggered (excuse the term) Jared Loughner to shoot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was one of the "targeted."

It was  a great Democrat propaganda campaign.  It seems to have begun with the despicable Huffington Post in 2010 -- see that article here, "Sarah Palin's PAC Puts Gun Sights on Democrats She's Targeting in 2010."  The article complains about the alleged "gun sights" (which look like surveyor's symbols, not gun sights), and the "militant language" like "We'll aim for these races and many others," she wrote on her Facebook page. "This is just the first salvo in a fight to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington."

Perhaps Loughner read the Huffington Post article and decided to act on it.  If anyone is responsible for the Tucson shootings, it is the Democrats themselves.  It is they who published far and wide the monstrous lie that Palin was "targeting" Democrats for assassination.  Perhaps Loughner got the idea for his massacre by reading Democrat propaganda.  He was, after all, a liberal, so undoubtedly read liberal literature.  However, he might have gotten the idea from Gabrielle Giffords herself, who appeared on television claiming that Sarah Palin had put a gun sight on her district, thus endangering her life.  It is entirely possible that Loughner, an Arizona resident, saw that television spot.  It is far less likely that he visited Palin PAC's webite and saw the map.

So Loughner then went to a shopping center and shot Rep Gabrielle Giffords and several other people.  Giffords survived a head wound, but will never be 100% the same as she was.  Others died, including a little girl.

The left then exploded in rage (over a tragedy that they may have caused), blaming it on Palin's innocuous map.  But wait!  In the age of the internet, others soon found the Democrats had their own "targeting map," one  with the bold headline "Targeting Strategy" and the words "Behind Enemy Lines."  Talk about "militant language."  Of course, both of these maps were metaphors, nothing more,  but only Democrats are ruthless enough to endanger their own with a call-out to lunatics.  Republicans never said a word about the Democrat map (used in the Clinton years), because we understand the use of metaphors and because we are not soulless, Machiavellian leftists practicing the politics of personal destruction.

Here are the two maps, side by side.  You decide.  Which map employs the more militant imagery?  Palin's surveyor symbols or Clinton's bull eyes?

Please feel free to copy and desseminate this imagery as you see fit.


Steve Benson said...

Thanks for the chance in another forum of yours to discuss matters related to the notorious Tuscon shootings.

I really don't have anything more to say at this point (since we both have offered our own editorial art on the matter), so I'll just leave you with this, if you wouldn't mind:

Steve Benson
Editorial cartoonist
The Arizona Republic

Stogie said...

Okay, thanks for commenting. I enjoyed it.