Sunday, July 03, 2011

Gates of Vienna: Another Response to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Re: English Defence League

Gates of Vienna has an excellent article fisking Geller's response to the "Open Letter to Pamela Geller."   Lawrence Auster has also further dissected Geller's attempted feints and punts in an attempt to avoid accountability for her creation of the false controversy (she announced that she was withdrawing her support of the English Defence League for unspecified and undocumented neo-fascists at the leadership level, then tried to walk it back after receiving a tsunami of criticism from the anti-jihadi blogosphere).

She tried to walk it back without admitting error or without apologizing.  Instead, she counter-attacked her critics with more incredible claims -- that her critics were causing "divisiveness" in the movement by holding her to account, when it is she who caused a massive amount of divisiveness with her damaging charges against the EDL.

Meanwhile, it appears Geller's close associate Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is attempting to create his own open letter in defense of Geller, and is reportedly asking prominent conservatives to sign it.

Gates of Vienna (Baron Boddisey) notes that we the signers of the "Open Letter to Pamela Geller" are generally small time bloggers without Fox News appearances and writing assignments with important publications -- as are Geller and Spencer.  We are not afraid of tackling such a controversy, because we have nothing to lose.  Boddisey notes that more popular bloggers have not entered into the argument because they do have something to lose...revenue.

There is a Chinese proverb that a snake can be conquered by an army of ants.  We are the army of ants.

Read the article here.

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1389 said...

We're not just an army of ants, we're an army of fire ants!

We be baaaaad!