Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pitching Wu: Democrat Congressman Resigns Over Sex Scandal

I hate sex scandals.  They may reflect poor judgment of a specific individual, but they are born of a human need. The need for sex can make fools of us all.  Sometimes men cross the line from foolishness to abject stupidity and ruin their own careers.

USA Today reports:
Rep. David Wu, an Oregon Democrat facing an ethics investigation for allegedly having an unwanted sexual encounter with a young woman, said today he will resign from Congress.

Wu, the first Chinese-American member of Congress, said he is stepping down so he can take care of his two children as he fights these "very serious allegations."
Apparently, Wu is going through a divorce and may have psychiatric problems.  It is claimed that he emailed a picture of himself in a chicken suit.  But was he swinging from a chandelier by his feet? No.  Then what's the problem?  Chicken suits are harmless and may be kind of cute.

How Wu offended the woman in question is not disclosed.  Did he grope her?  Try to kiss her?  Or is the lady just imagining some offense in an innocent act, influenced by the Democrat-inspired frenzy of imagined sexual harassment?  Women have power like a loaded gun over the careers of men.  They simply have to allege an impropriety and a man's career is finished.  Such allegations should be made with extreme caution.  In this case, however, Wu seems to agree that he did indeed behave in an unacceptable manner.

I take no pleasure in this, nor do I impute sexual psychopathology to Democrats as a whole.  Nevertheless, Democrats should quietly engage in personal introspection to determine their role in this tragedy.  How many Democrat women have displayed a hint of cleavage in the office, or flashed a shapely thigh?  How many Democrats have argued that "it's only sex" and implied that sexual restraint is really a form of repression, typical of Republicans and Christians, devoutly to be ignored?

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