Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fifty Years Ago Tonight: Me, Jacky and the Senior Prom

Fifty years ago tonight I was dancing with Jacky Palmer at the Camden High School Senior Prom at La Rinconada Country Club in Los Gatos, California. I double dated with my best friend Joe.

Jacky was the daughter of my father's business partner.  She wore a green dress that went well with her auburn hair and I was quite proud of her as my date.  I wore a white sport coat and a pink carnation, and so that old Marty Robbins tune always, always reminds me of that night...March 31, 1962.  I was in love with Jacky but I never told her.  I saved the pink carnation for days afterwards, in a glass of water in my bedroom window, until the petals fell off.

Somewhere I have a photo of me at seventeen, in that white dinner jacket with the pink carnation, handing a corsage to Jacky while our parents looked on.  I don't have it immediately available in digital form, but I may post it later.

I don't know where Jacky is today, but if you're out there somewhere Jacky, thanks for that date and a fond memory that has now lasted half a century.  The song below is dedicated to you.

Black on White, White on Black, Race Race Race, Murder and Mayhem

Wow, we are within spitting distance of the end of tax season.  The winds are blowing hard here in Hollister, just as the political winds are doing nationwide.  Gas is approaching $5 a gallon (and no one seems to even notice or care), some black teenager named Trayvon Martin was shot to death, apparently in self-defense, by the hispanic man whose face he was beating in.  Now the race merchants are doing their best to stir up hatred for pale people among those of the ebony shade.  The riot-inspiring, blood-on-his-hands Al Sharpton is doing his best to add to his resume for inspiring murder and mayhem and we all watch in disgust.  Believe me, Al, you don't want to go there.

Apparently, the man who shot Martin, one George Zimmerman, only did so after Martin got on top of Zimmerman, smashed his head into the sidewalk several times, pummeled his face and broke his nose.  Apparently, Martin was unaware of the fact that Zimmerman was carrying.  He found out too late.

Okay, in fairness it appears Zimmerman insulted Martin by following him through the former's housing complex and thus implied that Martin was a crook about to commit a crime.  Yes, that would piss me off too.  However, once Martin's anger advanced to aggressive violence, all bets are off, all rationalizations fade.  Zimmerman did what everyone has a right to do, which is to save one's own life when it is in immediate danger.  Martin in effect killed himself, and I feel no sense of injustice in his death -- tragedy yes, injustice, no.

Black on white violence is far more the norm than the opposite, and yes, we white people are generally afraid of black people we don't know because of the latter's history of crime and violence.  Just read any local news stories on a daily basis.  Blacks are continually assaulting themselves and everyone else -- I don't think I am being either unfair or inaccurate on this point.  If there is a solution, it is this:  the disproportionate crime and violence of the black population must cease.  How that is to be accomplished, I do not know.  Perhaps the situation can never be improved, I don't really know.

One thing I do know though, is this:  assholes like Al Sharpton are part of the problem, not the solution.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Three Weeks of Tax Season: Blogging Will Be Intermittant

I am very busy with the tax season and quite happy to be so.  I am a bit tired, though not exhausted.

Sorry for the slow-down in blog posts, but that's the reason.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mystical Moola; On Finding Cold Cash in Old Desks

"I Found It In An Old Litter Box!"
A couple of weeks ago, someone close to me went to a thrift shop to browse among the used clothes, furniture and appliances.  He knows that sometimes treasures can be found in such places, but wasn't expecting the treasure waiting for him on that day.  He and his wife pulled up to the Thrift Shop and saw a small desk sitting on the curb, a very recent donation that hadn't been checked into inventory yet.  My friend inquired about the desk, saying he would like to buy it.  The Thrift Shop employee said, "It's yours for forty bucks!"  Sold!

While loading the desk into his truck, he had to turn it upside down, and that's when he noticed rolled paper peeking from a cubbyhole underneath the desk.  Reinforcing wood brackets were afixed to the legs of the desk, where they meet the underside, and apparently they made neat places to hide things.  He reached into the small space and pulled out several hundred dollar bills.  His wife began probing the sister bracket on the other side and found the same thing.  When they counted the money, they had 47 one-hundred dollar bills. I saw the money and held it; it was real.

I think some people have a strange money-attraction.  It's a Zen thing, you wouldn't understand.

Well two days ago as I sat in the CPA office in Millbrae where I work during the week, a middle-aged couple sat down in the waiting room where I work.  I work at the reception desk, that being the only space available to me. They were not my clients, they were there to see the CPA who owns the office.

The wife got up and went to the restroom, and this gave the gentleman a chance to share with me some news that was burning in his chest.  He walked over and said, "My wife doesn't know this, but I bought an old desk in a warehouse for $20 and moved it into my building.  While I was cleaning it, I found $8,000 in cash hidden in the desk!"  He then pulled out several photographs of the money, piles of one-hundred dollar bills.  I then told him the similar story of my friend who found $4,700 in his old desk, only two weeks before.

I thought it very strange that I would know or meet people with such similar, lucky experiences in the span of two weeks.  Obviously, the Universe was speaking to me, trying to tell me something.

What?  Go buy old desks? Or maybe it was just saying, "Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!  I give free money to some people but not to you!"

Thanks a lot, Universe.

Lovin' the Tax Season

Ah, one month to go and this tax season will be over.  I am enjoying it though, so I am in no hurry to see it end.  After sitting on my duff for three years with no work, I am busy, focused, involved.  My accounting and tax skills have never been sharper.  Today a man brought in his college student son to have his tax return prepared, an extra easy one.  While in conversation with the dad about his son's finances, I immediately perceived a possible education credit that the father could take, since his son was still his dependent; in 5 minutes of checking I found that the father, who had already filed his tax return, had an additional $1,400 refund coming for 2011.  I will prepare an amended return for him tomorrow.  Found money, baby.  I asked him, "Aren't you glad you came in today?"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Catastrophic Effects of Global Warming on Humanity

New Democratic Constituency?
This just in.  Scientists at Harvard University have determined that man-made global warming may result in the dead coming back to life.  The revived dead will then walk about, grunting and groaning and attacking the living, eating them.

The remaining normal humans will dwindle in numbers, forming small survival parties to roam the ruins of civilization, searching for safe havens from the voracious zombies.  The only known way to kill the zombies is to shoot or stab them in the head. Another possible way is to force the zombies to watch endless reruns of the Bill Maher show, where they will then willingly kill themselves.

Democratic Party leaders are seeking to register the Walking Dead to vote, thus becoming yet another Democrat constituency.  Senator Charles Schumer, D-NY, noted that Democrats and the Walking Dead share many common values and beliefs.  Both are smelly, produce nothing of value, and spend all of their time eating the rich living.

US Soldier Allegedly Shoots Several Afghan Civilians

Breaking:  An American soldier apparently left his base and shot a number of Afghan civilians.  Some are dead and some are wounded.

So what's the problem?  It's not like he burned a Koran or anything.

BACKLASH: Attack on Rush Limbaugh Fails Miserably; Sleep Train Begs to Be Reinstated

Last week we witnessed the latest staged leftwing attack on Rush Limbaugh.  After Rush lost his temper for five minutes and referred to a leftist activist in derogatory terms, he was noisily denounced by the usual leftist transmission belts as a hater, a misogynist, the radio incarnation of Godzilla breathing fire on the fleeing hordes in Tokyo.

The activist was Sandra Fluke, who has made it her cause celebre to force Catholic institutions into adding birth control to their health coverage of employees and, in Georgetown University's case, to students as well.  After Rush referred to Fluke as a "slut," the mainstream media, a longtime house organ for the Democratic Party, saw an opportunity to finally take Rush down.  Now was the time to marginalize or even destroy the greatest mouthpiece for conservatism since Ronald Reagan or William F Buckley.  The usual Democrat smear campaign thus ensued, causing several of Rush's advertisers to flee his program lest their products be associated with the controversy.

Yes, these advertisers severed their relationship with Rush, but in so doing, severed their relationships with his millions of loyal listeners.  I won't be using Carbonite or Pro Flowers in the future, but thanks to Rush, I already own a Sleep Number bed.  I heard about it on his program and bought one a few years back.  Without Rush, it is doubtful that I would have ever known about the bed.  This was not an inexpensive purchase.  The bed cost us $2,000.

Now Sleep Train mattress company has realized their mistake and have begged Rush to take them back.  Sorry, kids, no can do.  It's one thing to momentarily panic at the latest Democrat smear campaign, but Sleep Train denounced Rush when they pulled their advertising.  Maybe Rush wants to make an example of them.  In any case, I approve.

Read more about the backlash here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ninety Iraqi Students Stoned to Death for Bad Hairstyles

Emo Hairstyles are a Capital Offense In Iraq
The Religion from Hell, always in search of pushing the boundaries of absurdity and atrocity, has killed ninety young people in Iraq for wearing the Emo hairstyle.  The students were stoned to death after some Imam claimed that the Emo styles were a form of devil-worshiping.

No, actually being a devout Muslim is a form of devil-worship in my opinion.  Let us never again invade an Islamic country unless we have as our goal the eradication of Islam from therein.  Meanwhile, let's remove our troops, our money and our support as soon as possible.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

I Definitely Won't Be Buying Carbonite

Sandra Fluke is an alleged college student who spoke to the media about the necessity of a presidential-mandated health insurance coverage for condoms.  This was after President Zero mandated the coverage, over the objections of Catholics who oppose birth control on religious grounds.

I heard Fluke's dishonest statement on the radio, in which she lamented the terrible suffering and unhappiness caused by the lack of free condoms for whoever wanted them.  My first thought on hearing her specious speech was "Liar!"  I got the impression of a liberal who was reading from a script, reciting a memorized phony speech intended to justify and support Obama's latest abuse of power.

Rush Limbaugh referred to Fluke as a slut, but said he did it only in jest.  Nevertheless, he apologized.  However, Carbonite, one of Rush's sponsors, couldn't pass up the opportunity for posturing and dropped Rush in order "to promote a more civil discourse."  More civil discourse my ass.  The Democrats and the left have been spewing the most malicious venom for years, lying like hell and slandering everyone to the right of Kim Jong Un as a racist, a hater, someone who wants to kill Democrats by putting hidden messages into campaign maps.  This by leftists who openly call for assassination of Republicans, expressing hope that Republicans will die soon and expressing joy when they actually do.

I will never buy Carbonite.  I will never recommend Carbonite.  If anyone brings up the subject of Carbonite, I will advise them to buy something  else.

Update:  Lawrence Auster received a message from someone who witnessed the Democrats working from a false script to push their policy objectives.  Read it here.  That's the thing about Democrats:  they lie.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Andrew Breitbart and Davy Jones Die

Andrew Breitbart
What a sucky day.  Andrew Breitbart died today at age 43 - a young, energetic, charismatic warrior for conservatism, liberty and economic prosperity.  The news says he died of natural causes, probably a bad heart.  Breitbart's death is a profound loss for the conservative cause.  Why him, why now?

Davy Jones
Strange, David Thomas, also known as Davy Jones, died the day before.  Thomas was the lead singer of the Monkees, a contrived "rock band" that was formed out of cute boys in the 1960's to pretend they were Beatle look-alike musicians on a television show aimed at pubescent girls who needed fantasy boyfriends.  The television shows were terrible, with the "Monkees" doing things like riding bikes and chasing each other around and behaving like the children they were trying to entertain.  Then of course, they would give a band performance and sing some mostly vapid songs.  Of course, they weren't playing the instruments, but they did do the singing, so we'll have to give them that.

I will say this though:  the Monkees recorded a couple of songs that I really liked, and still do:  "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer."

"Davy Jones" was 66 years old, but I will always remember him as the young guy above.