Monday, March 31, 2008

New Graphics for Saber Point

One of the readers who saw the Atlas Shrugs link came to Saber Point and downloaded her copy of Fitna. Her name is Carol and she graciously made the two new graphics at the right, the one of Stogie Chomper (LOVE it -- I'm a big Groucho fan) and the Saber Point with the Saber.
She writes:
Stogie, I visited Atlas Shrugs a few minutes ago and saw the FITNA
video there. I downloaded it. Thank you for making it possible to
download this important video and for your most helpful instructions on how to
download other videos that they might be preserved. I am weary of
information that disappears from websites because some group or individual
cannot afford to have the light of day penetrate their sinister world.

You said you liked my logo. Here’s a couple I whipped up for you.
Use them if you like. It’s a token of my thanks for helping folks like me
acquire FITNA The Movie.

Very nice work, Carol, it's obvious you have some graphics talent.

Here is Carol's personal logo -- it's pretty cool too. You rock, Carol!!

LiveLeak Restores Fitna for Public View

A few days ago, removed Fitna from public view after receiving threats from Islamists. They have now restored it to public view. Resistance against Islamist tyranny is stiffening!

Liveleak posted the following explanation:
On the 28th of March was left with no other choice but to
remove the film "fitna" from our servers following serious threats to our
staff and their families. Since that time we have worked constantly on
upgrading all security measures thus offering better protection for our
staff and families. With these measures in place we have decided to once
more make this video live on our site. We will not be pressured into
censoring material which is legal and within our rules. We apologise for the
removal and the delay in getting it back, but when you run a website you
don't consider that some people would be insecure enough to threaten our
lives simply because they do not like the content of a video we neither
produced nor endorsed but merely hosted.

Fitna Website Hacked by Muslim Cyberterrorists

The Jawa Report has just posted a story about a website featuring Fitna. The site was hacked by a Muslim hacker and a pro-Muslim message posted on the site.

As I have said before, download a copy and store it, either on your hard drive or on a CD. Radical Islam will do anything it can to censor this film, and we must take precautions to ensure that the film remains available for distribution.

Scroll down for download links to sites with Fitna available.

Télécharger « Fitna » en Français, Gratis

UPDATE: To protect Geert Wilders from litigation, we have removed the French version because it was the old version. We will replace it with the new version when it becomes available.

Go to this post to download the new English version.

Télécharger « Fitna » en Français, Gratis

Pour télécharger "Fitna En Français", Gratis. Faire un clic droit ici : Fitna En Français, puis choisir "Enregistrer la cible sous…".

Pour seulement regarder la vidéo, faire un clic gauche sur le lien ci-dessus et choisir "Ouvrir."

Note: The above is for French-speaking people and my French blogger friends and their readers. Finding Fitna with the French subtitles is a hard task, but I found one and now it is available for quick and easy downloading.

The Heavy Flow of Fitna Downloaders Continues

Last night before bed I thought I detected a slowing down of visitors to this site. This morning my hit counter shows it is even greater than the day before. Most of the downloaders are, by far, from Indonesia, a Muslim country. They outnumber US visitors by 4 to 1. This is interesting. Perhaps those living under Islam are developing a hunger for the truth.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fitna the Movie: The Blogosphere Triumphs!!

See the two hotties on the right? The one on the left is Michelle Malkin and the one on the right is Pam Geller. I had some blogosphere interaction with both of them this past week, and it resulted in my best week of blogging ever.

Earlier in the week Michelle Malkin liked my Photoshop of Hillary Clinton in Bosnia wearing an army helmet and sporting an M16, and posted it on her blog. Malkin is big in the blogosphere, a published author, newspaper columnist and a regular TV pundit on Fox News. She's also very darned cute, but that's another story. Anyway, she posted the Photoshop and that was a great source of pride to me, though it didn't give Saber Point any traffic. She just gave the Photoshop credit as "Stogie." That's fine, I wasn't looking for anything more. I was just happy to contribute.

The day before yesterday, I was disturbed at the censorship of "Fitna" the movie on Liveleak, so spent a day researching how to download videos from websites. I finally figured out a way, then made downloads available here at Saber Point. Pam Geller, another very gorgeous lady, gave me a plug at her hugely successful website, Atlas Shrugs. This helped me get more hits than I ever had before, 15 times normal, even more than the time Mark Steyn linked to me when I reviewed his last book, America Alone. Many of the hits also came from the Google search engine. People all over the world were searching for a site where they could download Fitna.

I'm not looking for fame out of this, just savoring the satisfaction -- the satisfaction that, for once, I was useful to the conservative blogosphere, that I contributed something of value. I was more than just a me-too.

Other folks did their part too. put a copy of the video on his website with a download link. Another person, not usually a blogger, was disturbed by the Liveleak event, so got herself a file, uploaded it to her website, then linked to it on her brand new blog, started for one purpose only, to make Fitna available. See Other worthy mentions are Michael at and the website Way to go, guys. It's amazing how fast and effective the blogosphere can be when it needs to be.

There's a Chinese saying that an army of ants can kill a snake. The Islamists can't stop the dessimination of videos like Fitna. There are too many of us ants, too many blogs and websites, too many technically-savvy people all over the world ready to contribute to defeating Islam and Islamization. We will devour the snake with ten thousand small bites.

Friday, March 28, 2008

How to Download "Fitna" Free and Save a Copy for Yourself


UPDATE as of Jan 21, 2010:  Broken links have been replaced with viable ones.

1. English Version, WMV Format: For those runnining Microsoft Windows, click on this link, then choose "click here to start download" A copy will be saved to your desktop.

2. Dutch Version, WMV Format: For those runnining Microsoft Windows, click on this link, then choose "click here to start download" A copy will be saved to your desktop.

Note: I have removed former copies of the old version in order to protect Geert Wilders from litigation. The older version mistakenly included the photo of a rapper misidentified as a terrorist. It also included a copy of the Danish cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. The new version corrects both of these errors.

Once the file has been downloaded, find it on your desktop or whatever folder you chose to save it in, then double-click on the file. Windows will play the file.

Live Leak Removes "Fitna" Over Islamic Threats

Live Leak has removed "Fitna" from its available films. Now when you click on the film you get an apology that says threats against its staff have compelled it to remove the film.

Once again, the real face of Islam is revealed. It is the face of intolerance, totalitarianim and violence.

Let us remove Islam from the Western world, and the Western world from Islam.

Update: Google has the film at this link. Watch it now as it could be removed at any time.

Pat Buchanan on Obama's Race Speech

I often disagree with Pat Buchanan. He is not pro-Israel, for one thing. But he seems to hit the nail on the head in this article about Barack Obama's speech on race.

Basically he says, yes, let's have a conversation on race, but let's be sure it is a two-way conversation. We white folks have some grievances too and it's time you black folks heard them.

Read it here.

The Reaction to "Fitna," the Film Critical of the Koran

Update: Live Leak has removed "Fitna" from public view over Islamic threats to its staff.
Update: Google has the film at this link. Watch it now as it could be removed at any time.

Fitna (Arabic for "Upheaval") has been released and Leftists and Liberals all over the western world are outraged, right along side the Muslim extremists that they pander to and appease.

Diana West (of the Washington Times) puts it into perspective. She writes:

From EU to NATO officials, from the head of France to (sadly) the head of
Denmark, the official European response to "Fitna" is less in line with Western
traditions of free speech than with the censorship of Islamic law. Indeed, Dutch
officials couldn't find a Dutch law under which to ban "Fitna," and they tried.
The pressure to silence "Fitna," however, reveals the extent to which Islamic
law has already eroded core conceptions of Western liberty.

Over at the conservative French Blog DRZZ, French men and women have posted a number of comments on the film. Mostly, they sound a lot like American rightist bloggers like you might see at the Jawa Report, Moonbattery and other sites. However, they too have their "oysters," those who bury their heads in the sand, clamp tightly shut their clamshells and screen out all information that they are unwilling to face.

The biggest reaction that liberals seem to exhibit is denial. Not just denial, angry denial. One writer, Anomalie, at DRZZ, went into a diatribe about how Fitna is similar to a Michael Moore film, filled with propaganda and half-truths and emotive photographs of terrorist victims. Yes, if only we don't look at the pictures of the terrorist victims, then terrorism can be disregarded, overlooked and ignored. Therefore, the liberal anger is towards Geert Wilders, not the terrorists. Anomalie argues that Fitna is an example of extremists knocking heads with other extremists. Merde de Cheval, Anomalie.

Anomalie, like many other Leftists, seems to believe that if we don't think about the Islamic threat then it will not exist. Rationalizatiion, finding false "moral equivalence" between Islam and Christianity, changing the subject or pointing to the "crimes" of George Bush, these are the typical responses of the Left towards disturbing information. Such information is simply inconsistent with their worldview (all cultures are equal and worthy), their philosophy (all anti-Amerianism is understandabe anger because we are not yet adequately socialist), and their most sacred beliefs (if you are nice to other people in other cultures, they will be nice to you. Tolerance begets tolerance, refusing to fight begets peace, etc).

Predictable leftist tricks are (1) attacking the quality or nature of the film (e.g. likening it to that of Michael Moore) instead of answering its points; (2) attacking the author of the film, calling him "an extremist" and other names, instead of penning an intelligent counter-argument, (3) finding false moral equivalence ("we too are terrorists") and finally (4) ignoring the film completely or changing the subject.

The film, however, doesn't have much in the way of editorial comment; it shows, without comment, major scriptures from the Koran that urge violence towards non-believers, highlighted with film and pictures of terrorist attacks on western nations. There is some editorial comment at the end of the film, likening Islam to past tyrannies that we have had to defeat. However, it hardly seems controversial.

See the film; post it on your site; refer others to it. All Westerners need to see this film.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fitna: Wilders Film About the Koran Released

Update: Live Leak has removed "Fitna" from public view over Islamic threats to its staff.
Update: Google has the film at this link. Watch it now as it could be removed at any time.

Geert Wilders is a man of courage and conviction. He is a Dutch politician who openly opposes the totalitarian goals of Islam and seeks to expose them and stop them. Not suprisingly, Islamic terrorists have pronounced a fatwa against him, which makes it a holy duty of Muslims to murder him.

As Wilders points out in his film, Islam is the new tyranny that seeks to rule the world. Like Nazism and Communism, it must be fought and conquered or it will conquer us. The believers of this vile religion believe that they have a religious duty to kill us. I don't know about you, but I won't go quietly.

NY Muslim Yousef Al-Khattab Marries His Goat

A shocking story just in this morning. It has been learned that a New York Muslim named Yousef Al-Khattab has married his goat in a traditional Muslim ceremony in the main mosque of New York. Apparently, there is Qur'anic scriptural support for this strange Islamic practice, dating back to the time when Muhammad was hiding from his detractors in the Saudi Arabian desert. Lacking a source of women on which to impose his sexual needs and appetites, the Prophet decreed that female goats are lawful for marriage to Muslim men, though male goats are not. The Prophet strictly forbade homosexual unions.

Al-Khattab has been criticized for allegedly practicing a fanatical form of Islam, in which he openly and publicly celebrates Muslim murder of journalist Daniel Pearl, Israeli citizens and American soldiers. Al-Khattab was recently featured by Fox News as a "spreader of hate." See this link U.S. Based Revolution Muslim Website Spreading Messages of Hate FOX News.

Atlas Shrugs reports on Khattab's internet activity:
NEW YORK, N.Y. — On any given day, log on to and a host of startling images appear:
— The Statue of Liberty, with an ax blade cutting through her side;
— Video mocking the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl, entitled "Daniel Pearl I am Happy Your Dead :) ";
— Video of a puppet show lampooning U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq;
— The latest speech from Sheikh Abdullah Faisal, an extremist Muslim cleric convicted in the UK and later deported for soliciting the murder of non-Muslims.
Even more surprising is that isn't being maintained in some remote safe house in Pakistan. Instead, Yousef al-Khattab, the Web site creator, runs it from his home in the New York City Borough of Queens.
Meanwhile, the Jawa Report has declared "Open Season" on Yousef Al-Khattab, which sounds a bit unfriendly to a man on his honeymoon. However, all it means is that the Jawa Report wants people to contact the web service provider where the "goat groom" has his site registered, and asked that it be denied further service for promoting terrorism.

Happy wedding, Yousef.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pro-American French Blogs: Pensée Néoconservatrice

A while back a French friend called Nexus gave me a list of the best French blogs that are conservative and pro-USA. I had some time this week so I began perusing them. One of them is called Pensée Néoconservatrice (Neo-Conservative Thought). It's hosted by Dave "the Sith," and focuses on the US presidential elections, the war in Iraq, Global Warming (réchauffement climatique) and other topics of interest. If you don't speak French, you will nevertheless recognize the photos that adorn the front page -- they are all very pro-American. The blog is also openly pro-Israel.

On an article about John McCain's recent visit to France, a woman named Deborah commented on the author's observation that the French Left would like to see the United States rendered "lower than dirt." She responded:

L'Amérique plus bas que terre? Ils sont tarés! C'est le pays le plus
puissant au monde (je parle de faits reconnus) et l'un des plus beaux
endroits au monde (avis personnel)! Ceux qui traitent les USA de pays
fasciste ont bien vite oublié que lors de la deuxième guerre mondiale, c'est
là que beaucoup de juifs ont trouvé refuge... Si ce n'est pas un pays de
liberté ça, what else? Sur ce, God bless America & McCain

Translation: America lower than dirt? They're crazy! It [America] is the most powerful country in the world (I speak of known facts) and one of the most beautiful (my personal opinion). Those who would label the USA as fascist have quickly forgotten that, during World War II, many Jews found refuge there...If it isn't a country of freedom, what is? For sure, God bless America and McCain, president!

I responded to her post to thank her for kind words and friendship.

Unfortunately, pro-American French citizens are in the minority. Approximately 77% of the French hold hostile views towards the USA.

Update: While browsing French blogs today I came across one called Support American Soldiers. The site is filled with pro-American sentiments and support for our military. It was strange reading in French about American heroism on Mt. Suribachi (on Iwo Jima) in World War II. I didn't know it, but 6,821 US Marines gave their lives to conquer that island off Japan. Almost 7,000 lives to win one battle -- contrast that to the 4,000 lost in five years of war in Iraq. Our notions of sacrifice have certainly changed.
We have friends and allies among the French. I am going to seek them out.

Update on Hillary Undergoing Sniper Fire

You can tell I have the week off. All I do is fool around with Photoshop. Michelle Malkin published my photoshop of Hillary in battle, but I have since edited the photo a bit to make it more dramatic. Here it is. Use it freely as you wish.
I think the flag is a nice touch, don't you?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary Didn't Lie About the Sniper Fire!

The Clinton Campaign was set back this week by allegations that Hillary had exaggerated the sniper fire during her visit to Bosnia in 1996.

Indeed, Hill claimed that she had to run across the tarmac of the landing field to avoid sniper fire. A picture of her landing was released this week that showed Hillary on the tarmac in perfect peace, greeting a child, surrounded by smiling people.

It's obvious this peaceful photo was photoshopped to make Hillary look like a liar. The actual photo of the event is posted at the right.

The photoshopped photo is below. We are just disgusted by the chicanery of the Obama campaign who did the nasty deed.

Personally, we are totally impressed with Hillary's bravery under fire.
She is clearly more qualified to be commander in chief than Obama. These pictures prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin published our "authentic" photo(shop) of Hillary above. See it at this link.

Black Conservative Heroes

Click on picture to see larger version. Distribute freely.

There has been a lot of anger generated over racist pastor Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama's rationalizations for their association. However, we must never forget that there are many black people who are not angry, white-hating, America-despising neurotics. In fact, some of the most intelligent and accomplished among conservatives are black scholars. Take a look at the honors and degrees and accomplishments of these men in the picture above -- they are truly impressive.

These conservative icons are the epitome of personal courage and conviction, often suffering social ostracism and character assassination by liberal blacks, the mainstream media, the Democratic Party and various liberals in academia and other pulpits. The easy thing is just to "go along" with the left, take the path of least resistance, be feted and celebrated by the majority of one's peers and the liberal establishment. These men, however, chose a more difficult path, based on their own personal principles and notions of right and wrong.

At this time I believe it is important that we remember these great men and to express our admiration and support.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Huffington Post Calls Catholic Pope "a Nazi"

Some leftist mental case at the Huffinton Post has called Pope Benedict XVI "a Nazi." Apparently, the author was stung by pundit Bill O'Reilly's criticism of Obama's personal pastor, the racist Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity Church of Christ. What better way to respond by calling the Pope a Nazi? His reasoning: the Pope was allegedly a member of the Hitler Youth in Germany during World War II, and O'Reilly attended Easter services at the church presided over by this "Nazi."

I don't know if the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth or not and I certainly don't care. The fact is, if you were a citizen of Germany during the Nazi era (which was over 60 years ago), you kept a low profile or you wound up dead. I had an older friend once, a lady, who had also been a member of the Hitler Youth. She said she had no choice in the matter. Her parents kept her traveling and "on vacation" when her chapter was busy trashing synagogues.

In any case, it is clear that the Pope is not a Nazi, does not harbor any Nazi sentiments, and probably never has. However, the same cannot be said for Jeremiah Wright, who, currently in the here and now, hates Jews, white people and America. There is no "moral equivalence" here.

A Biased Photo of Hillary Clinton

I found this over at Atlas Shrugs. Hillary Clinton was speaking at some political rally with a banner behind her with the word "Count," as in "Make your vote Count," or some such message.

An unfriendly photographer waited until she was in the correct position and snapped the picture. The word behind her now appears to be an appellation.

We understand that Barack Obama will be speaking at the Prickly Pear Convention later this week. I wonder what kind of tricky photo they will make of him, hmmmm?

A Protest Sign for Monday

There is a school of thought that says anything "African-American" is exempt from criticism, no matter what. That line of thinking has led to serious self-censorship for many Americans, for far too long.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Reverend Wright's Right-Hand Man

Reverend Jeremiah Wright of the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago welcomes an honored guest to his congregation. The guest thanked Reverend Wright for his moral support of the guest's recent demolition efforts in New York City.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Obamatron Short-Circuits, Explodes

I must admit, I did enjoy watching the Obama train derail and fall off the track this week. Barack Obama is a fraud and that fact is becoming obvious as his racist and extremist associations come to light. For 20 years he has been a member of a church that believes in "black liberation theology," which states that black people will believe in no God that doesn't support black racism and hate whites.

Instead of apologizing for his past associations and prejudices, Obama has instead given a stupid speech about how his white grandma is a racist who fears strange young black men she sees on the street. That isn't racism, it is the survival instinct, what Dinesh D'Souza called "rational discrimination" in his ground-breaking book, "The End of Racism," published a decade ago.

Even Jesse Jackson admitted to feeling relieved while walking on the street and hearing footsteps behind him, only to turn around and see it was a white person and not a black one. White taxi drivers are afraid to pick up black men in seedy sections of town at night because so many taxi drivers have been robbed, and some murdered, by the black men they picked up. Racism? No, even black taxi drivers admitted to the same rational fear.

I don't want to go too far with this, as there are many good, peaceful, productive citizens who are black. Any one of them who wants to be my friend, can be. I see patriotic black vets and others in places like Berkeley, facing down the Code Pinkos beside their white and hispanic fellow patriots. I know they are there and I am gratified by their presence.

For the aggrieved professional victims, however, I say, flake off. You are the main cause of the problems you face, through your rotten attitudes, your failure to take responsibility for your own lives and behavior. You have been give a free pass and endless excuses for your unending screw-ups quite long enough. Black racism and bigotry are every bit as reprehensible as the white version.

The past week has shown fairly clearly that the Obamatron is short-circuiting and his poll numbers falling as Hillary's rise, with McCain leading both of them in double-digits.

Black Racism is Alive and Well

YouTube may pull this video at any time. Do watch it. See what a complete asshat Rev. Jeremiah Wright really is.

This black lady in San Francisco has taken up Rev. Wright's condemnation of America. Sure makes me want to go out and support "civil rights." How about you?

It is indeed laughable that Barack Obama is going to be the candidate who moves us all past the alienation and hostility of race. Yeah right. Or should I say, "Yeah, Wright."


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama and the Posturizing Pugnacious Preacher

I enjoyed the news of the past week. It seems Barack Obama's long-time "Christian" pastor is a race-baiting, America-hating extremist. This guy, the Reverend Jeremy Wright, told his congregation from the pulpit that 9/11 was payback for White America's "terrorism" and that its "chickens were coming home to roost," and said, "Not God Bless America, God Damn America!" His congregation stood and cheered this flaming crapola.

Now Obama has denounced these words of the good Reverend and his supporters; Obama supporters are protesting "guilt by association." Obama didn't say these things, his pastor did! It's unfair to blame these words on Obama!

No it isn't. Obama chose his association with that preacher; he didn't inherit it through family or marriage or accident. He had that preacher marry him and his wife and later baptize his children.

If David Duke had a church and I was a member of it for several years, could I then disavow Duke's racial views with any credibility? No.

Anyway, it appears to me the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is pretty white himself. Seems there was a honky in the woodpile somewhere. My wife and son are darker than he is - so to you, Jeremiah Wright I say this: back off, white boy.

Obama's troubling past is coming to the fore just as his faddish popularity is beginning to wane. Some want to know why should a man who associates with people who hate America be our next president? I don't understand the question. He's a Democrat so most of his associates are going to be Democrats. They all hate America.

Photoshop by Stogie. Feel free to use it with or without attribution.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary Shows Solidarity with Spitzer

Hillary Clinton today voiced her sympathy and solidarity with Eliot Spitzer, disgraced Democrat Governor of New York who resigned yesterday over a sex scandal.

Hillary said, "All in all, I think Eliot is a fun guy. What's the big deal?"


Monday, March 10, 2008

Democrat Linked to Prostitution! (What Else is New? Yawn)

In the lunchroom of the company where I am currently working, the large HD TV is always turned to MSNBC. Today when Governor Spitzer's face was all over it, with captions about prostitution and scandal and shame, I knew Spitzer had to be a Democrat. The reason was simple: MSNBC never mentioned his party affiliation. If he had been a Republican, that would have been foremost in their headlines, bolded and in large caps.

So without mentioning that Spitzer was a Democrat, they pulled MSM Spin Trick No. 2 out of the hat: they began showing pictures of past politicians who were disgraced by illicit sexual escapades, all Republicans. (They never mentioned Clinton's White House escapades.)

Their message was either "they all do it, so don't equate this sort of thing with Democrats," or "we didn't mention Spitzer's party and we're bringing up Republicans in the hopes that you viewers will put two and two together and get five, and assume Spitzer must be a Republican."

MSNBC - as a television network, it doesn't have the scruples of, well, a well-heeled John.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton Photoshopping Barack Obama?


The Daily Kos, a reputable liberal website has accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of photoshopping Obama's picture to make him appear blacker than he is.

The Daily Kos has released the example of this chicanery at the right. This is truly disgusting and racist in the extreme. Talk about a "smoking gun" - You'd think they would be a little more subtle.

Whatever you may say about Barack Obama, he has been a gentleman in this campaign and has not stooped to personal attacks such as this. (With the possible exception of his grandma, who he labeled a typical white person, i.e. racist.)Furthermore, this is America and a person's color is not important. If Barack were a conservative we'd gladly vote for him. Especially if he also smoked cigars. As for the watermelon, hell, we like it too and it's darned hard to eat without getting a little on ya.

We were hesitant to post this terrible photoshopped picture because, frankly, it even offends us, and we are generally not offended by much, cretinous Neanderthals that we admit to being. Nevertheless, we think it is the public's right to know just how dirty this Democrat campaign is becoming.

C'mon Hillary, play fair. This is truly beyond the pale. No pun intended.

UPDATE: This picture (at left) is just in from the Drudge Report of white actor Robert Downey Jr., who is made up to look like a black man. Supposedly this is because his movie role requires a black man so the make-up guys darkened him up a bit.


OH REALLY? How do we know this isn't another picture that HILLARY got ahold of? The woman is incorrigible.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Screw the "Palestinians"

A day or so ago, Hamas murdered some Israeli students in Jerusalem. They shot 6 or 8 students in a library of the school. The students were kids, aged 14 to 16 years old. Their crime: they were Jews.

Hamas is a terrorist arm of the Islamic invaders of Israel that some call the "Palestinians." The Palestinians want to kill all the Jews in Israel and take over the land for Muhammad. Why? Because it is their religion. Muhammad, when he did the world a huge favor by dying, commanded on his deathbed to not allow any other religions in the area but his.

Muhammad particularly hated Jews, because they rejected him as a self-proclaimed prophet. He commanded his followers to "kill Jews wherever you find them." There is no peace process possible. Moe's deep hatred has been passed on to his minions over the past centuries.

The Palestinians like to blow up busses and kill everyday people like you and me, people going to school or work or to town. They have blown up restaraunts full of families having a meal. They use their own children as human bombs to do this. They have shot toddlers with pacifiers at point blank range. Their religion and culture are pathological, as sick as anything human can get.

Of course the Left, meaning the Democrats, love the Palestinians. The Palestinians are clearly evil, so what's not to love? The Left cry great crocodile tears for the Palestinians. When the Israelis built a huge wall to keep terrorists out, the Dems had a Spazz attack. John Kerry demanded that the wall be taken down. The Israelis ignored him and left it up. The result has been a marked decrease in terrorist attacks on the Israelis and a lot fewer deaths.

Now that Bush is facing retirement, he does what every President does: he tries to create a legacy by bringing peace to the "Palestinians," no matter how many Israeli lives it takes. Condi Rice has become a cheerleader for the Palestinians. Gimme a P, Gimme an A, Gimme an know the drill.

Personally, I am sick to death of hearing about the plight of the poor Palestinians. Screw the Palestinians. I don't give a damn about the Palestinians and I have zero empathy for their plight, whatever it is. A pox on them all.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Melanie Morgan Gets the Ax

Melanie Morgan, founder of "Move America Forward," an in-your-face conservative who has gone nose to nose with the Marxists, anarchists and other assorted traitors in the streets of Berkeley, has lost her radio job.

According to her former co-host of the "Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan Show," (KSFO Radio, 560 AM, San Francisco) Melanie's contract was up and was not renewed as a cost-cutting measure. Radio KSFO (like many other radio stations) apparently has been losing money as advertising revenue has dropped, and her departure was simply due to economics. Nevertheless, Melanie reports that leftist blogs are having orgasms over the news.

It's hard to see why KSFO is losing money - the station seems to sell ten minutes of advertising for every five minutes of talk show. I'm exaggerating of course. I listen, but in a constant state of irritation over what seems to me to be too much adverstising minutes per minutes of programming.

I will listen tomorrow morning on the way to work, as I always do, but I will miss Melanie.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's Called Satire

You have your sign, I have mine.

Philosophical Musings on a 1940 Pickup Truck

We need to brace ourselves for a new political regime, one possibly more socialist, pacifist and internally destructive than anything previous. However, this country has been through political, social and economic upheavals before. With any luck, Barack Obama and the socialist Democrats will one day be just a bad memory.
Today was a warm, sunny, spring-like day in the farm country. My wife and I took a ride over to Casa de Fruta where there are many ancient wrecks to peruse: old pickup trucks, tractors, wagons and farm equipment. Most of these old derelicts are rusting hulks, once used by prior generations in hard pursuit of making a living.

I was fascinated by the old pickup trucks, dented and rusted but still emblazoned with their owner's business name. The driver's seats are tatters and springs, the dashboards solid rust, the windshields covered in the grime of decades. The steering wheels still appear solid and functional, though a bit dusty.

The generation who drove these trucks was that of the 1940's, of World War II and Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal and the WPA. It was a scary time back then, but, while looking into the dusty remains of this truck, it is hard to imagine it. How could these vanished people have been so important in the long sweep of history? But they were -- imagine the world today if they had lost World War II or the Cold War that followed.

Considering the forces in play today, what kind of world will we leave to our descendants? Does it really matter?
It does.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oscar-Winning French Actress Trivializes 9/11 Dead

The latest young beauty celebrated by Hollywood, the French actress Marion Cotillard, has trivialized the American dead of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity on the World Trade Center. Cotillard, who played singer Edith Piaf in the film "La Vie En Rose," has stated that the World Trade Center attack was false, made up, a hoax. She claims the towers were brought down deliberately because they were too old and expensive to keep up, and (of course) for political reasons.

Cotillard also questioned the truth of the 1969 moon landings, another historical event denied by the extreme moonbat movement. I'm surprised they haven't yet caught onto the Christopher Columbus fraud, who never discovered America at all (we are all really native American Indians).

Denying the bonafides of the terrorist attack on America is somewhat morally equivalent to denying the holocaust. It trivializes and therefore intensely insults the 3,000 human beings who died in that conflagration and is slanderous in the extreme to the government of the United States. Only the most extreme lunatic fringe entertains such nonsense.

The good news is that Marion Cotillard, who looked to clean up in film following her Oscar win, can now count on the personal boycott of many Americans. I, for one, will never see one of her films, and I was planning on seeing "La Vie En Rose," one of my favorite songs by the great Piaf.

Over at the French rightist blog "5 Years Later," the French readers are criticizing Cotillard in their understated French way. One writer, Mi, asks if we can be sure that Marion Cotillard actually received the Oscar, or whether it was instead a believable imposter supplied by the FBI? Another writer says that we thought we were reaching for a pearl but only came up with an oyster. (An oyster to the French bloggers is someone who is completely out of touch with reality.)

Funny how nature compensates. It seems to be a law of nature that a Hollywood starlet's brain size is inversely proportional to the size of her breasts. But then, moonbats have their theories and I have mine.

When the Litigious Left Attacks

There were two disturbing occurrences in the blogosphere this week. A Jewish "rabbi" had his attorneys threaten to sue Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs for printing unpleasant truths about their Hamas-supporting, anti-american client, Michael E. Feinberg. That's him in the picture to the right, reacting to counter-demonstrators at a "peace" protest. Swell guy.

Feinberg's shysters have demanded removal of the critical material and a retraction on Pam's website. She responded by publishing even more unflattering facts about Feinberg, including pictures and videos. The above picture was one of them. Basically she says, "Sue me. I can hardly wait for the discovery phase." Rightist attorneys are already offering their services to Pam.

The second disturbing leftist attack was by the Associated Press on Brian Ledbetter, the owner of the website "Snapped Shot." The AP has threatened to sue for use of their copyrighted photos that appear frequently on the site. However, the AP photos probably fall under the "fair use" exceptions of the copyright law because Ledbetter publishes the photos to criticize them and show how biased they are. In a lawsuit Ledbetter might have a substantial chance of winning. But lawsuits are enormously expensive and time consuming and few ordinary citizens can afford the cost or time away from work. Bullies like the AP know this - they can afford it but know their critic cannot.

Why are AP and other news photos fair game for criticism? Because they can be used to deliberately create false impressions, and like an editorial that must be reprinted before it can be rebutted, offending photos must be republished.

A couple of cases in point are two photos published recently of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, two opposing candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination. The mainstream press, which includes the AP, are supporting Obama. Or could you tell by looking at the photos on the left?

The Obama photo was taken when Obama's head was directly in front of a bright light, giving him a holy look, as if the light emanating around his head were from a halo. You can almost hear the heavenly chorus, can't you? No bias there.

The second photo was taken of Hillary as she spoke to a high school in the midwest. The high school's mascot is the Red Devil, the same name given to local miners who emerge from the mines covered in red clay. The photo was taken with the devil looking over her left shoulder and gives a very clear impression of evil.

So you have two examples of press misuse of photographs to make editorial statements, namely, that Obama is a saint who has come to save the world, and Hillary is evil and a companion of the devil.

This is why Snapped Shot had a legitimate mission in its fair use of AP photos for purposes of criticism - and it's also the reason the AP wants to shut him down.