Sunday, December 31, 2017

Remembering Those Who Die, New years Eve, December 31, 2017

As the year draws to a close, I think about the friends I lost this year.  That's another negative about growing old (I was 73 in November), your friends and relatives begin to die and you wonder when your turn will come.  Not that I'm afraid of death, I really don't fear it at all.

The first friend passed away at age 85 in January, one Lou Woods.  Lou was a far-left Green Party member, and it's amazing that we ever became friends.  I did his taxes for years, and he took a shine to me, always inviting me out to lunch.  He finally got sick and so old that he couldn't afford treating me to lunch, so I began paying for our lunches myself.  Our favorite place was a Japanese restaurant in Cupertino called Kikisushi.

Lou had a pacemaker and his kidneys were failing, and I took him to the doctor at Stanford Medical Center a couple of times.  When his doctor told him he had only a few months to live, he began cleaning out his government provided apartment in Saratoga.  I helped him.  In November 2015 I finally had to leave him alone there, dumping things into the trash receptacle outside his door.  I walked across the green lawns of the development, littered with the brown leaves of fall, wondering if I would ever see him again.  I did, as he lived through 2016,  In November 2016, I drove him to the polls to cast his ballot for Bernie.  Soon after he collapsed and was put into a hospice near Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos.  I went to see him, but he was asleep and I didn't disturb him.  His daughters soon had him transferred to another hospice near Sacramento.  I learned in early January 2017 that he had passed away.  Kikisushi will never be the same to me now.

The second friend to die about a month later was Kenny Chavez, a musician and flute player with whom I practiced and gigged for around five years.   Kenny was only 68, blind in one eye, and loved beer.  When we weren't playing music in our rock band, he could be found just sitting quietly in a corner sipping a beer. He apparently suffered a massive stroke, and died in the hospital that very night. 

The third close friend who died was Gary Elmo Potts, a fellow San Jose State finance graduate from the Class of 1972.  We worked our first finance jobs together, as internal auditors for Fireman's Fund Insurance Company in San Francisco. Two young guys who liked to hang out at Henry Afrika's famous bar (now gone), and who once explored the Palace of Fine Arts in the middle of the night, dressed in suits.  I hadn't heard from Gary in quite some time, so googled him in an attempt to find his whereabouts.  The first thing that popped up on my computer screen was his obituary.  He had died suddenly about three weeks before, in May of 2017.

Death is a part of life, and I find myself thinking about it often these days.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Roy Moore: Vote For Him Anyway

Roy Moore, who is running for office in Alabama as a US Senator, has been attacked late in the game with accusations of sexual improprieties.  Improprieties of 40 years ago.  Through all those 40 years of serving as a judge and office holder in Alabama, these charges never came up, were never alleged, were never discussed.  Why now?

"Why now" is because the dirty Democrats are desperate for political wins.  That despicable Party has never been more unpopular with the American people.  So up pops the Washington Post with a propaganda coup against Moore, at the last moment, when it is too late to run someone else or remove Moore's name from the ballot.

The Washington Post has used this dirty tactic before, against Arnold Schwarzenegger in California, against Herman Cain, against Donald Trump.  The smear is always late in the game and targeted at Christian and Evangelical voters, to keep many away from the polls.  The tactic will also cause the cancellation of prior endorsements and the drying up of donations needed for advertising and other costs.  All because of a he said - she said scenario that is unprovable after 40 years.

Don't fall for it.

If the dirty Dems can suppress enough of the conservative vote, their socialist candidate may be able to sneak in.

Moore is accused by one woman of dating her when she was 14.  Moore denies it.  Another four women claim Moore tried to date them when they were 16 and 17 -- however, the age of consent in Alabama is 16, so even if true, Moore broke no laws and the related morality or immorality is entirely subjective.

Having doubts about Roy Moore?  Forget them and vote for him anyway.   If Virtue Signalling is needed, the RINOs and establishment Republicans will supply it.  You don't have to.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Monday, October 02, 2017

Evil In Las Vegas: 58 Dead In Shooting Massacre, 500+ Wounded

Another monstrous psychopath has mass murdered a large number of people, this time in Las Vegas.  A man in the Mandalay Bay Hotel broke out two windows in his suite, stuck a rifle out the window and opened fire on a large crowd of people.  The people were attending a country music concert, and easy targets from the shooter's elevated perch.

ISIS, the Muslim terrorist group who specializes in murder of innocents, has stated that the shooter was a recent convert to Islam.  However, this has not been verified at this point.

The biggest question in my mind is this:  how long before the Democrats begin making political hay out of the tragedy?  I expect they will call for banning of guns, one of their favorite goals, and will find a way to blame the tragedy on Trump.

If it is found that Islam and Muslims were a factor, expect nothing to be done about it.  Guns may be banned, but Muslims will not be.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Caryl Chessman and Death Row

Caryl Chessman in the Gas Chamber
Back in 1960 I was very concerned with the fate of a convicted felon, one Caryl Chessman, who was awaiting execution in California's gas chamber at San Quentin Prison.  I was a freshman in high school, but I was hoping Chessman's sentence would be commuted to life imprisonment.  I had read his book, Cell 2455 Death Row, and was impressed with his writing and outlook.  The gritty details of life on death row were very compelling, the steady stream of prisoners walking past his cell on the way to the little green room, the gas chamber, while he waited his turn.

After numerous stays of execution, Chessman was finally executed on Monday, May 2, 1960.  Later that day, after school, my best friend Joe and I were shooting hoops at a nearby junior high school and expressing to each other our regrets over Chessman's death.

I recently reread parts of Cell 2455 Death Row, and am currently reading Chessman's second book, Trial by Ordeal.  These books have long been out of print, but the former is available for Kindle and the second can be obtained from second hand book dealers.  I received my copy of Trial by Ordeal, and its pages are browning with age and it has a slight musty smell.  Even though the book is 60 years plus of age, it is still a fascinating read.  Chessman was an intelligent and even sensitive man while on death row, but he hadn't always been that way.

Caryl Chessman had led a life as a petty criminal, stealing cars, robbing bordellos and gambling dens, and even assaulted a police officer.  However, he never killed anyone, or even seriously injured anyone.  He was accused of being "the Red Light Bandit" in 1948, a robber who would use a red spotlight (to simulate a police car) to pull cars over on the highway so he could rob the people inside.  The Red Light Bandit made two fatal mistakes, he robbed two cars in Lovers' Lane, then forced the female passengers out and into his own car a few yards away.  The female abductees were then forced at gunpoint to perform fellatio on the bandit.  He did not rape them, however, this was a disgusting and evil crime.

At that time, California had the "Little Lindbergh Law" in place, wherein a kidnapper could be given the death penalty.  The Red Light Bandit qualified, for moving his women victims a few yards away.  Chessman was arrested on suspicion of being the Red Light Bandit, and he probably was indeed that same criminal.  He was driving the same type of car when arrested, had a pen light in the glove compartment like ones used in the car robberies, and a knotted red handkerchief that could be fitted over the car's spotlight.  There was no gun present, but one was found near the car after the arrest, where it was probably thrown by Chessman.  The two women identified him at trial of being the perpetrator.

Chessman's attorney said he could make a deal with the courts, that Chessman would plead guilty in exchange for a life term with possible parole after seven years.  Chessman, however, swore he was innocent and was not the Red Light Bandit, and would settle for nothing less than a full acquittal.  So he took over his own case and acted as his own attorney, was found guilty and sentenced to death.  Chessman's life was a series of stupid errors, rotten judgment and thuggish behavior.  But did he deserve to die for it?  I think not.  The Little Lindbergh Law was revoked and every living prisoner convicted under it had their death sentences commuted.  Every prisoner, that is, except for Chessman.  He was executed for crimes that would not have carried the death penalty at the time of his execution.

Chessman has been dead now for 57 years, but his writing continues to impress.  I recommend his books.  After I finish Trial by Ordeal I will look for his last book,  The Face of Justice.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Is Trump Selling Us Out?

The United States of America is pretty screwed up.  President Trump appears to be selling out his base and reversing himelf on important campaign promises.  Illegal immigration will continue, no wall will be built, and we will stay in the Paris Climate agreement.  There is no real surprise, we are so used to getting screwed that it almost seems normal.

The Republican Party is utterly weak, ineffective, and without any purpose.  I don't know who I will vote for next time.  I will never vote for a Democrat, however.

Can America be saved?  I think not.  We are so very divided, and maybe it's time for states to secede and form new political unions.  Let the leftists have their own version of Venezuela or London or Paris. We need something approaching a revolution.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Confederate Kristallnacht

In November 1938, Jews were attacked throughout Germany in an event known as Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass.  Jewish shop windows were broken, Synagogues trashed or burned, private homes ransacked, and people were murdered.  Oppression of Jews had been occurring in Germany for some time, but up until Kristallnacht, it had been nonviolent. Kristallnacht was the turning point from nonviolence to violence.  The safety of Jews in Germany went rapidly downhill from there.

For the past couple of years we have been witnessing our own cultural and ethnic cleansing, in what many are calling "Confederate Kristallnacht."  Confederate flags, Confederate monuments, any public depiction of a Confederate general or hero, all are being savagely repressed.  Monuments and statues are vandalized with paint and graffiti, and one was even torn down by a mob.  Even graveyards are not safe, as one had tombstones toppled and broken, and another had bodies dug up and the bones scattered.

Kristallnacht 1938
Kristallnacht 2017
The Washington National Cathedral will remove images of Lee and Stonewall Jackson from its stained glass windows this week, as the madness continues to spread.

What we are witnessing is a kind of hysteria, wherein differing opinions on history are not tolerated, and those who hold differing views are to be shamed, ostracized, even physically punished with beatings in the public square.  Comparing this outpouring of hate to Kristallnacht is not at all far-fetched.  Verbal insults have morphed into physical destruction and physical assaults.  When will the shooting start?

Don't reject the analogy of Kristallnacht out of hand.  Both involved irrational hatred of a scapegoat, expressed in violence and destruction.  The Confederate South has been an American scapegoat for years:  a scapegoat for slavery mainly, but also for modern day civil rights issues.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Crickets and Web Crawlers

A few days ago I checked my Statcounter record of visitors to this blog.  Since I have been neglecting the blog, I expected to see a very low number of "hits."  I was shocked to see my hits were 500 - 700 hits per day.  However, I wasn't seeing a ton of visitors on my Revolver Maps globe.  What was up?

I figured it must be web crawlers from Google and other search engines.  I was right:  Google was giving me a digital colonoscopy.  But why?  I think I know.

Google is a very leftwing organization, and dislikes conservative content.  So they are scouring conservative sites to see if they can't unearth some tie to fascism,, "racism," White Supremacy or other excuse for deleting blogs.  That's my theory, anyway.

Anyway, I fixed Statcounter so that it does not record web crawlers as "hits."  Today my hits are back to their pathetically low level.  Why Google would even bother is beyond me.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Rebranding Elizabeth Warren: How You Can Help

It looks like the liberal media is "rebranding" Elizabeth Warren, no doubt in preparation for a presidential run in 2018.  By "rebranding," they mean changing her image to something more marketable.  Right now she is seen as a far-left ideologue who lied about being part American Indian so she could have the non-white credentials so loved by the left.

The idiot piece described in the left image claims "Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic, and it informs her work as a senator." Bull hockey!

This transparent media attempt to put lipstick on a pig has resulted in some funny Twitter feeds about Warren, some (like my own) recommending the wording for a better sales job.  Sort of like this:
Elizabeth Warren's Christian faith is deep and authentic, and it informs her work as a senator.  On Sundays after church she bakes apple pies to feed hungry children at the local orphanage.  At Christmas time, she can be seen singing Christmas carols on snowy street corners and dispensing cardigans (that she knitted herself) to street urchins and the homeless.  On July 4th you will find her setting off fireworks and playing John Philips Souza marches on loudspeakers outside her house, as she marches about beating a large bass drum while chanting "USA! USA!".
Yes, rebranding Elizabeth Warren can be fun.  Try it for yourself.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

A Swarming of NRO Cucks on Twitter

I spent a couple of hours today fighting with "cuckservatives" on Twitter.  It seems there is an infestation there of NRO cucks, i.e. "conservatives" who are never-Trumpers and feel the need to constantly undermine the President.

The NRO types are rigidly ideological, that is, they will not amend their political strategy to meet current situations, opportunities and dangers.  They are still pissed off that Trump defeated their favorite candidates, be it Ted Cruz or someone else.  The fight started when some young woman called "Mo Mo" labeled Trump a "buffoon."  I objected to this appellation and the fight was on.

Most of it was just trading personal insults, and I am better at that than young punks, having had years of practice.  However, the crux of my real argument is this:  if you are undermining Trump you are helping the Democrats.  We do not have a choice, at this point in time, of an ideologically pure candidate vs an imperfect one; that boat has sailed.  We have only Trump, and the alternative is a Democrat like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Wasrren or Tim Kaine.  Debating Trump's qualifications at this point accomplishes nothing -- he is the President.

What we have to do is to keep the Congress and the Senate, and hope Trump will be able to implement most of his agenda.  The NRO Cuckservatives are too adolescent to realize this and to act on it.  We must deal with reality and shape it, as much as possible, to accomplish our ends.

My Family in Houston

I have a niece in Houston, and my younger brother lives there too.  The niece has a husband and three young children.  They just bought a house there maybe six months ago.  The house is a two-story house, and the bottom floor is now trashed from being flooded.  Today they are cleaning out the bottom half, tearing out ruined walls and carpeting.  The bottom will have to be rebuilt.

My brother lost his car.  He parked it at his daughter (my niece's) house to ride with them the heck out of Dodge just before the hurricane hit.  His apartment was fine, but his car was submerged due to its location at the daughter's house.

My brother's cat survived, even though alone for six days.  The landlady fed her each day and she is fine.

The North Korean Death Wish

So the pudgy fool with the bad haircut who rules North Korea has a nuke on a missile.  El Pudgo seems to think he can annihilate the western world with just one bomb.  It it's true he has an H bomb that can be mounted on a missile, he might be able to take out London or New York.  However, that all depends.  Will the missile/bomb combo even work?  Will it blow up on the launch pad and take half of North Korea with it?

And what if it actually hits a target like New York.  What does it do for an encore?  Unless it has dozens of identical nuclear missiles, it finds itself in an embarrassing situation.  It has just whacked a bear on the nose and stands there peeing in its jockeys while the bear charges with fangs a flappin.'

Kim Jung Unstable will shortly be absent from the glowing, radioactive waste that once was North Korea.

Note to North Korean generals:  assassinate this maniac before he gets you all killed.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Scotch and Soda

I haven't yet made a list of all the songs that were significant to my life.  If I did, "Scotch and Soda" by the Kingston Trio would be in the top 10.  Songs we loved often take us back to a specific time and a specific love, now lost to time but not to memory.


Thursday, August 03, 2017

Working Out at the Gym Alleviates My Depression

Three weeks ago I started regular exercise at the gym.  I have a personal trainer who has shown me the exercises I need to strengthen my shoulders, back, legs and core.  I do feel a lot better physically since I started.  I also notice that my chronic depression, which has been very dark and awful for some time now, has diminished noticeably.

My main motivation in starting this regimen is to get stronger so I can better play bass.  Acoustic bass is a very physical instrument, and bass guitar involves heavy amplifiers, i.e. loading and unloading them into and out of my car.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

"Blues In The Night," a great old jazz tune

Our big band, the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos, meets every Thursday for practice.  This past Thursday was our last meeting of the semester and we said goodbye to our bandleader. Russell Zimmer, who has taken a more full time job as music director for a school. 

I think the best song we played on Thursday was "Blues in the Night."  It was darn-near perfect.  Have a listen.

Primarily posted at my bass blong, "Playing Bass."

Friday, July 28, 2017


From last night's practice with the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos, California:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Liberal Castration of the American Male: Why?

Since Hillary lost the election, the left has stepped up its assault on American masculinity.  "Gender identity" is the watchword of the day.  There are no longer men  and women, because gender identity is in a very fluid state.  You may have male genitalia, but if you imagine yourself to be a woman, then you are a woman.  Physical reality has been suspended, and if there is anyone who knows how to deny reality, it's a liberal.  Liberals now say there are 58 different genders, so take your pick.  Liberal parents who have a new baby say they can hardly wait until the baby can speak, so it can tell them whether it is a boy or a girl.

Clothes manufacturers have been featuring very feminine attire for men, and gender-bending gay boys strut the runways like something out of a cultural nightmare.  See right.  Good lord, what are we coming to?

A turn back towards sanity occurred this week when President Trump banned "transgenders" from service in the military.  If you're a man who thinks he's a girl, stay home.

We have been moving in this direction for some time.  Men are generally hated in the circles and seats of liberal thought.  White men are just not hired by colleges if there is any possible way to avoid it.

How can a populace who is utterly confused about who they are, resist reshaping into a new socialist/fascist society where government controls every thought, word and act?  They can't, and that's why the left is vigorously attacking the American identity.  The beliefs, traditions and culture of a society is the mortar that holds the bricks together in a solid wall. If you want to break down that wall, you work on weakening the mortar that holds it together.  After much pounding, the wall will eventually crumble, to be replaced by something else.

Personal Update

I started regular gym attendance a couple of weeks ago, and am getting plenty of exercise.  I do feel better, and the exercise lessens my chronic depression considerably.  I sleep a lot better, too.  I want more energy and to strengthen my core, my arms, shoulders and back.  I need the strength for playing bass, for loading and unloading heavy amplifiers and playing stand-up bass, which is physically draining.  I have a personal trainer, and that really helps:  he knows what exercises I should be doing, and it takes the guesswork out of it.

Tonight is the last meeting of the semester for the Cats Jazz Band of Los Gatos.  I may not go back for the new semester later in August.  Been there, done that.  I will look at alternatives for continuing my progress on bass.  I am thinking of getting a few lessons from a professional stand-up bass player, to perfect my technique in fingering and handling the bass.  If you don't do it right, you will get fatigued in the middle of a gig and barely able to play.  It's happened to me.

The political and social situation in this country is now insane.  Not as bad as in Europe or Canada, yet, but the Democrats are working on that.  California is moving to secede from the Union.  I doubt it ever will, but as a Californian, I will vote for it, should it make it to the ballot.  It would be better for the rest of the country to rid ourselves of this bastion of Marxism, and remove the automatic 50 electoral college votes for the left wing Democrats.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blog Break

I haven't posted for a month.  I just haven't been moved to do so.  Generally, writing about politics in a blog implies hope for improvement in society and government.  I don't have much hope left at this point.

The Democrats are totally bat-shit crazy.  The Republicans are feckless, cowardly pussies, too timid to do what they promised:  repeal Obamacare.

Then there is the ongoing soft coup attempt to remove Trump from office.  When that happens, it will be time to pick up the gun.  Discussion will be over.  It's Civil War time.

I'll be back but right now my attitude is "F**** IT."

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gabby Giffords Shooting a Result of Democrat Propaganda Gone Awry?

This week the dirty Dems tried to resurrect their smear from 2011, that Sarah Palin's congressional map of "targeted" districts was a call for violence against Democrat candidates.  I debunked this big load of fertilizer at the time, with my post of January 10, 2011, Sarah Palin's "Cross-Hairs" Map:  Much Ado About Nothing.

The New York Times brought up this old manufactured controversy after a Democrat opened fire on Republican Congressmen last week, who were practicing baseball for a charity event.  Sarah Palin is considering suing the New York Times for libel.  This smear was vicious at the time, and hasn't improved with age.

What the Times didn't tell you is that the Democrats have used a similar map, not with cross-hairs, but actual bulls-eyes.  No one ever claimed that their map was a subtle encouragement for political assassination.  This, even though the Democrat map has the title "Targeting Strategy" and describes the Republican districts as "Behind Enemy Lines."  Sheer hypocrisy.  You can see that map at the link noted above.

I also posited that Gabby Giffords may have inadvertently targeted herself, by making the "cross-hairs" claim on local Arizona television.  The psycho who shot her, Jared Loughner, probably never saw Palin's map, which was on her website.  It is far more likely that he saw Gabby Giffords on local television claiming that Palin had targeted her for violence, and acted on that instead.  See my post of January 14, 2011 to that effect, Did Gabby Giffords Inadvertently Target Herself? (Video).

The lying, ruthless Democrats apparently never considered that their accusations might be acted upon by a maniac.

Friday, June 02, 2017

Kathy Griffin Has a History of Threatening to Attack Children of Conservative Politicians (#KathyGriffin)

Kathy Griffin is the lowlife "comedienne" who recently displayed a mock-up of a severed, bloody head of President Trump.  Her display elicited massive public revulsion and condemnation, even from most liberals.  Was she soliciting the terrorist murder of the President?  Inquiring Secret Service Agents want to know.

To make matters worse, Griffin recently stated that she was going for a "beat down" of President Trump's 11 year old son, Barron.  What she meant by this is not clear, but presumably she will mock or taunt or insult Barron simply because his father is Donald Trump, whom she hates.  This is more than mean-spirited, it is sick and perverted.  However, Barron is not the first child of a conservative that Griffin has targeted.  In 2011, she said essentially the same thing about Sarah Palin's youngest daughter, Willow.  I wrote about it here.

In 2011,
Kathy Griffin announced her New Year’s resolution to continue a verbal assault on the Palin family. Only in 2011, the comedian said she intends to target Sarah Palin’s 16-year-old daughter, Willow.
"I've already gone for Sarah, Todd and Bristol obviously," Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter. "But I think it's Willow's year to go down. In 2011, I want to offend a new Palin.”
This pig has a history of targeting children.  I was so enraged by this that I created a Photoshop of Griffin that showed exactly what I thought of her.  It is below the fold.  WARNING:  Not for the easily offended.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Time to Retake the University -- By Any Means Necessary

Our country's slide into leftwing extremism becomes more obvious by the day.  Lately, the college student trash at Evergreen State College (in Olympia, Washington) have reached a new low in leftist racism.  They wished to have a day on campus without any white people.  When Professor Bret Weinstein objected to this blatant leftist racism, the college punks there began physically harassing, insulting and intimidating him.  He was told by police that he was not safe on campus, and to stay away for a couple of days.

The Communist professorship of our lunatic asylums of higher learning have been attacking white people for years.  They have deliberately fostered anti-white prejudice and hostility.  Lately, their criticisms have become out and out racial hatred.  This is unacceptable.

Since the university has the power to poison the minds of our impressionable youth, we cannot sit still while they do so.  Our goals should be:

1.  To take control of the curriculum of every university in America that is funded by public taxes.  The curriculum must be amended so that all anti-white, anti-American, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian propaganda is eliminated.  The university should support our culture, political system and capitalist system; it should not actively undermine them.

2.  To fire every extremist leftwing professor and replace them with conservatives, or at least fair-minded people not advocating violent revolution.  In its attempt to subvert American culture and freedom, Academia must be brought in line by force, not persuasion.  We must give them a taste of their own medicine.  They have made it impossible to hire conservative professors, speakers and administrators, erecting an intellectual bubble by which only far-left memes, ideas and theories are considered.

3.  To evict from the campus every radical student who seeks to disrupt, intimidate or bully any other student or professor based on their race or skin color, including those who are WHITE.

The National Guard can be used to enforce these changes, which are necessary for national security and the preservation of America as we know it.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Delusional, Dangerous Left

Leftist Slander of President Trump
The leftist Democrats are in all-out attack mode, determined to destroy Trump's presidency by any means necessary.  They created a huge lie, that Trump won the election over Hillary because his campaign colluded with the Russians somehow.  A special investigator has been appointed to continue looking into the charges, already several weeks old with not a shred of evidence.  However, whether it is true or not doesn't matter.  The Dirty Dems seek to create an impression in the minds of the public through insinuation.  The media is onboard, reporting the "investigation" as if there were any truth to it, and support the Big Lie with images such as that of Time Magazine on the left, which shows the White House merging with the Kremlin.  Sick!

Meanwhile, fake turncoat Republicans like John McCain are lending their voices in support, while despicable Democrats like Maxine Waters and Al Green publicly call for impeachment of Trump -- for what?  He has committed no "high crimes and misdemeanors."

The Dims have long practiced the "politics of personal destruction," ruining reputations with falsehood, innuendo and rumor.  Even though their target may be completely innocent, the idea is to create enough doubt in the minds of voters to give the Dimocrat candidates the edge.  Other observers have called the current Democrat pogrom a "soft coup d'etat."  The Democrats seek to ruin a president based on slanderous fabrications.  I almost wish for a new Civil War.


In other fronts, a domestic Democrat terrorist group called "Antifa" is showing up at all Republican and conservative political events to beat up, harass and injure the Republican participants.  Antifa likes to carry signs that say "Fuck Off Nazi Scum!"  So we are now Nazis, because they say so.

This is similar to the recent unhinged attacks on Confederate monuments in New Orleans, where the monuments are described as "monuments to white supremacy and oppression."  Any who support the monuments are, of course, "racists."  The baby-faced, bald Marxist Mayor Mitch Landrieu has been removing these monuments in the face of strong opposition, even sending workers in bullet proof vests, helmets and masks, to dismantle the monuments.  This, while a SWAT team overlooks the destruction with loaded rifles.  A more blatant example of leftist fascism is hard to imagine -- crushing the will of the people by brute force, and with total disregard to their feelings or opinions.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill O'Reilly Blows It; The Wisdom of Keeping It Zipped

Bill O'Reilly, Former Fox Employee
Bill O'Reilly, the most successful and popular television pundit at Fox News, has been let go.  This is a major coup for the left, who love shutting down powerful voices of reason and right. However, Bill apparently helped them by his own really stupid behavior.

The New York Times, a major publication of the fascist left, found the dirt that did the downfall.  Fox, they learned, had paid out a few million dollars to several women employees of Fox.  The payments were necessitated by O'Reilly's alleged sexual harassment of the women.  Powerful men in prominent places sometimes lose control of their penises, and flaunt their position by pressuring women employees to have sex with them.  Ask Bill Clinton.

This "sexual harassment" phenomenon has been well known for several decades now, as have the consequences thereof.  Any man in the public eye who sexually harasses a fellow employee is a damn fool.  Yes, that small appendage between male legs is known to cancel reason and rationality.  No matter how intelligent a man might be otherwise, satisfying junior can impel him to take terrible risks with his reputation and do really dumb things.

Thanks a lot, Bill.  On behalf of leftists everywhere.

The Fascist Symbol Means "Stronger Together." Sound Familiar?

The symbols on the left are called "fasces."  Fasces are a bundle of sticks bound together with an ax blade sticking out.

This is the original symbol of fascism, which derives its name from the fasces.  One stick is easily broken, but when they are combined in a bundle, they support each other and become much more difficult to break.

Yep.  The fascist symbol means "stronger together."  No wonder Hillary chose that slogan as her campaign motto.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Berkeley "Antifa" Fascists Get a Beat-Down

Conservatives Came Prepared for a Fight
This past week Trump supporters held a rally for free speech in the leftist cesspool known as Berkeley, or as we like to call it, Berzerkely, California.  The leftists there are extreme -- out and out communists who want a revolution.  The University of California there has long been a citadel for subversion, and is the intellectual center for organizing and propagating anti-American thought and action.

Back in February, these same leftists caused a lot of damage to the university when a conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos, was invited to speak.  As in often the case with conservative speakers there, he was forcibly prevented from speaking by the violence and intolerance of the communist population that infests the place.

Yes It Is
This past week conservatives decided on holding a free speech rally in Berkeley, knowing quite well that the leftists scum would try to shut them down with violence.  But the rightists came prepared, with motorcycle, baseball and other kinds of helmets, and goggles to protect them from pepper spray and mace wielded by the Marxist scum.  The left did indeed bring a fight, and received a good beat-down by the prepared right wingers.  It was good that the rightists came prepared to defend themselves, because the worthless Berkeley Police Department stayed out of the melee, sitting in the safety of their police cars.  This is not the first time the Berkeley Police refused to come to the aid of the conservatives while under attack by the leftist scum.  I wrote about a previous episode of this in 2008.

A young friend of mine, a member of my Sons of Confederate Veterans camp lives in Berkeley.  He was there at the rally, with friends in support of the conservatives.

The leftists in Berzerkely call them selves "Antifa," which means "anti-fascist."  This is ironic, since they themselves are thoroughly fascist, dedicated to violence in order to silence opposing views and political opinions.  Instead of wearing brown shirts, however, they prefer a uniform of black clothing and ski masks to hide their faces.  They are not about discussion or debate, they are about violence and brute force to enforce their destructive beliefs on a majority who do not want them.

Various leftist discussion sites (like Reddit) indicate the rabble will soon be practicing and learning more violent tactics for the next time anyone tries to impose sanity on their turf.  As one leftist placard stated, "This is War."

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another Muslim Terror Attack (Yawn)

Another scumbag from the Religion of Peace has committed yet another atrocity in Islam's eternal war against humanity.  This time it was in London where a Muslim man drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians, injuring twenty and killing three.  The thug also stabbed a cop while being apprehended.

Western pols who invite these barbarians into their countries are guilty as hell, willing accomplices to mass murder, sedition and sabotage.  In the U.K and Canada and other leftist dominated nations, it is illegal to openly discuss Islamic terrorism or complain about being its target.  Therefore, I express no condolences or sympathy to the British government.  They are reaping what they have sown, and will continue to do so.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Richard Spencer Kicked Out of CPAC -- Am I a "White Nationalist"?

Richard Spencer showed up for the annual CPAC meeting in Washington DC and was denied admittance.  Spencer is the head of the National Policy Institute.  He has been denounced by many as a "white supremacist" or a "white nationalist."  I took a look at the NPI website and, sure enough, it appears to be an organization that wants an all-white America.  In the comments section of any post, there are writers defending Adolf Hitler.  "War was forced on him!" one writer exclaims.  "He was just trying to save the white race!"

Oh bullshit.  These people are boring and radioactive.  No one remotely in the mainstream wants to be identified with them.

I am not a "white supremacist," in that I do not want to deport citizens of a different color, on the basis of skin tone alone.  I don't want an all white America.  I would have to deport my wife and our son.  I do not want a different class of citizenship based on race.  We tried that, and it was grotesque.  I support equality under the law, but without the political correctness that spares nonwhites from legitimate criticism.  It is time blacks and others lose the magic cloak that hides them from personal responsibility and accountability.

I am not a "white supremacist."  However, I may be a "white nationalist."  I do want to keep and to expand the white majority in America.  That would be anathema to liberals and leftists.  They think the "browning of America" to be a good thing, i.e. social progress, and exclaim gleefully the year in which whites will become the minority in America.  Many blacks openly express hatred for white people and talk about killing them all.  In a nutshell, nonwhites tend to vote for Democrats, and whites tend to vote Republican.  That is the simple basis of all the partisan wrangling over immigration.

When one sees how badly whites are treated on college campuses and in liberal establishments and circles, the prospect of a white minority is frightening indeed.

Also, I like the way that white people vote.  Sue me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Left's War on Trump Intensifies

The leftist media is intensifying their war on Trump.  Now they are claiming that Trump campaign officials were in constant contact with Russian intelligence.  The object of this fake news is to give credibility to the leftist fantasy that Russian intelligence worked with Trump to sabotage Hillary.

Of course!  The American people were chomping at the bit to vote for the corrupt harpy to ensure many more years of economic stagnation and American demise.  But the magic Russians knew how to enter the minds of the American people to reprogram them to vote for Trump instead.  How devious!  Trump's crime is obvious!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The "Women's March" on Washington DC

Only In Their Dreams
The motley assortment of radical feminists who befouled Washington yesterday aptly demonstrated my impression of leftists.  Angry, open-mouthed dregs of society, shouting Hitler analogies, waving signs with moronic slogans, largely unwashed, festooned with facial studs, nose rings and tattoos, and downright ugly.  They have no more credibility for me than Mao's Red Guards.  Transportation was probably provided by Soros funding.  Someone mass produced many of the protest signs, which were left littering streets and sidewalks after the "protestors" departed. 

They are extremists with absurd views:  that sex with men is always rape; that heterosexuality is no more valid or normal than lesbianism;  that abortion on demand is a holy right.  They hate men, white people, Christians and Jews.  They despise capitalism and yearn for a socialist state that can provide their every need, for free.

Why do they protest?  Because many of them were paid to do so, according to very recent Craiglist ads.  Others simply want attention and peer approval.  Has-been celebrities are there hoping for renewed relevance and credibility.  Ashley Judd made the disgusting claim that Trump has sexual fantasies about his own daughter.  Leftists are obsessed with sexual perversion, and almost always level such accusations at their political opponents.  Projection, no doubt.

Madonna voiced her desire to "blow up the White House."  Gloria Steinman and other passé leftist losers were there to join the ugh-fest.  The media, including Fox News, added undeserved credibility to the Marxist milieu by treating the orchestrated sideshow as an authentic grassroots uprising with legitimate issues and concerns.  No.  The "protestors" were the lunatic fringe, devoid of credibility, undeserving of respect.  

Rush recently described the changing nature of the Democratic Party.  It used to be for the non-college educated working man.  It has become the party of kooks and weirdos.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Thank God He's Gone

Today was the last moments of the Obama Administration.  Once Trump took the oath of office, the torch was passed.  I felt a great burden lifting as it did.

Apparently, there was little in the way of protests and leftist disruption, in spite of radical threats and promises.  Donald and Melanie escorted Barack and Michelle to the door of a waiting helicopter, and away flew the Obamas into history, relative obscurity and irrelevance.

Let the healing begin.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obama's Reign Ends, the War Continues

On Friday Barack Obama will hand over the presidency to Donald Trump.  The worst president in my lifetime will be gone and damage repair will begin.  However, though the radical college sophomore will be out, his ruthless Party of Lies will continue their war on America.

Trump's rejection of Political Correctness, however, is helping to create a new national mood.  People are less afraid, less reticent to tell the truth, to say things they wouldn't dare before the advent of the Donald.  The public denunciation of the extreme media bias, is but one example.  The observation and open discussion of black racism being another.  The ruthless lies and double standards of the Democratic Party.  The brazen incompetence and/or corruption of Democrat standard bearers (i.e., Obama and Hillary).  Then there is the radicalization and perversions of Hollywood and Academia, which are nothing new, but far more extreme than ever before.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Twitter Wars

I spent much of this stormy day fighting with liberals on Twitter.  Discussion isnt possible with angry children, so it was nothing but a flame war.  They insult me, I insult them back even better, and this goes on for some time.

Leftist females question the sufficiency and size of my shlong, whereas male leftists accuse me of being gay.  All of them make fun of my age.  They can't get to me, because their opinions don't matter in the least.  Besides I am much better at insults than they are.

I confronted Bosch Fawstein over his chronic, unjustified anti-Trump hostility.  Bosch is a former Muslim and allegedly an anti-jihadist.  He is an artist who draws caricatures of Muhammad and has a comic book character called Pig Man.  Trump is the only politician in either party who has recognized the need to halt Islamic immigration, and who recognizes the evil that Islam represents.  And yet Bosch fervently opposes Trump.  So now I oppose Bosch.  He is not our friend.

Monday, January 02, 2017

(Fake) Donald Trump Follows Stogie on Twitter - and Happy New Year!

UPDATE:  It wasn't the real Donald Trump who followed me.  Donald Trump is @realDonaldTrump, and this joker is @realDonaldTrumpp -- he has an extra p at the end of his Twitter name.  He uses the same photo of Donald Trump as the real Trump uses.  I became suspicious this morning when this fake "realDonaldTrumpp" began tweeting nonsense about how Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer from the 1970s.

Leftists, being the giant frauds we all know and hate, are attempting to give Trump a black eye by making it seem that Trump is mad, via a false Twitter account.