Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republicans and Democrats Merge Into a Mega-Party of Big Government. Time for Survivalist Mode?

Republicans have just approved another Obama budget with enormous deficit spending over the next two years.  The GOP is a fraud.  They are in the tank with the Democrats, and their alleged opposition to Democrat policies is a fairy tale.

We have entered a survivalist mode for conservatives.  Real conservatives, not cuckservatives who talk the talk but then screw the pooch.  Survivalist mode is more than a political strategy, it is a strategy for physical survival.  That means underground bunkers, stores of food and water, guns (pistols and rifles) and ammunition, and other supplies.  It also means militias, networks of survivalists, planned coordinated action with like-minded others.   Threats must be identified and planned for, such as the coming Islamization of America through massive immigration, the federal government's attempts to confiscate guns, the coming economic ruin caused by massive debt and wealth redistribution, and the riots that will follow.  Cities will burn and widespread looting will appear.

Look at the photo of the cockroach known as John Boehner, sucking up to Obama.  Does this look like a man who opposes Obama's dismantling of the Constitution?  No, this is the photo of a dedicated collaborator.  Boehner looks like he is about to kiss Obama's cheek.  He leaves the Speakership at the end of this month, but is doing everything he can to help Obama and the Democrats before he does.

I don't speak for anyone but myself.  However, it seems to me that the Republican Party is lost, hopelessly compromised, greatly ineffective at stopping the statist advance.  My once strong loyalty to the GOP is gone.  My vote is up for grabs.  I would love to see a serious, third political party.

In the coming elections of 2016, I will vote for the Republican nominee if he is Ted Cruz, Donald Trump or Ben Carson.  If anyone else, I will probably vote for Third Party candidate Jim Webb.

What will you do?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Unhealthy Trends: A Nation of Girly-Men

There seems to be an all-out assault on masculinity these days, by the sick cultural and political forces that erode our civilization.  ROTC students are forced to march around campus in red, high-heel shoes, or wear a pregnancy pouch.  Military standards are lowered to allow women into the Marines, and there is talk of allowing "transgenders" to openly serve in the military.  That means male soldiers in dresses.  Cute.  Quaint.

In short, the whole emphasis of our political and cultural transformation is to make us a genderless society, where men and women are interchangeable (think "Caitlyn" Jenner), and we become a mindless army of preprogrammed robots who never stand out or differ from one another, in any way.  We will look the same, dress the same, vote the same and most importantly, think the same.  When Democrats talk about equality, they are advocating equality in every possible extreme, even that which seems to contradict nature.

Perhaps we should adopt the blue unisex civilian uniforms that the Chinese used to wear back in the 1970s.  Only when the human race has been transmogrified into ants, will the elitists be satisfied.

God, I hate what we are becoming as a nation.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Murder of Western Civilization

Tens of thousands of Muslim men are invading much of western Europe, allegedly refugees from violence in their Islamic countries.  Many observers believe that these immigrants are really an invading force, with the end goal being the Islamization of Western Civilization.  I agree with these observers.

However, the fools who run Germany and Great Britain have been welcoming these invaders, completely complicit in the cultural destruction and future ruination of their own nations.  The German leader Angela Merkel is especially culpable.  There is strong opposition to this Islamization by the people of the U.K. and Germany, but it is dangerous to openly state it.  These countries are no longer free nations:  you can be arrested and jailed for criticizing Islam, or suggesting that the religion and culture are incompatible with western values.

If these leftwing leaders wanted to purposely destroy Western Civilization, what would they do differently than what they are doing now?

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Friday, October 16, 2015

California Bans "Redskins" as a School Mascot

California is the first state to ban the mascot name "Redskins" in public schools.  Assemblyman Luis Alejo presented the bill, which was signed by Governor Brown this week.

Schools with the mascot name "Redskins" will have until January 2017 to change their mascot name and eradicate "Redskins" from school uniforms, buildings and other mentions.

According to the Lance Newspaper of Hollister, California, there are four California high schools using the "Redskins" name.  One of them, Gustine High School, has used the name for 80 years, and has the name implanted in the floor of their gym.  It will be an expensive proposition for them to change all school uniforms and redo the gym floor.

Tough buns.  The Nanny State of California knows best, and as usual, liberals find their greatest accomplishments in what they ban, forbid and suppress -- and not what they allow.  Government is force, and nowhere else in America is that premise better illustrated in California -- land of budding fascism and vanishing freedom.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some Conservative Bloggers Are Calling It Quits

Some blogger friends are calling it quits, saying goodbye to blogging.  One is Debbie Hamilton of Right Truth, and the other is Rick Darby of Reflecting Light.  Debbie is moving on to other things and Rick is just tired of blogging -- he has been at it ten years this past September.

I understand.  I too have thought about hanging it up.  If the right wing blogosphere is having any noticeable effect on the direction of the country, it isn't really obvious to me.  The USA seems to be going leftward at an increasing speed.  Each day brings forth some new outrage that would have been unthinkable ten years ago.

The major media are firmly in leftist hands.

Academia is far left and increasingly berserk.

The Supreme Court is a Clown Parade, a bad joke, a failed agency of government.  They prove only that we cannot rely on parchment to protect our liberties.

We have a terrible, reckless, out-of-control president who increasingly seeks to rule as a dictator through the use of executive decree.  Lately he has been threatening gun rights through this avenue.

Political correctness, i.e., what you can say or think or do, is tightly regulating open discourse, discussion and debate.  There may as well be a far-left speech code imposed on the country, under penalty of death for disobedience, because the First Amendment is pretty much fatally wounded.  One must not offend special groups, or commit microaggressions, lest one be insulted with racial epithets (like Ben Carson was recently, when called a "coon" by some black woman professor) or assaulted with outright profanity -- Seth Rogen, a Canadian comedic actor, stating publicly that Carson can "go fuck himself."  The proper response to Rogen, this pathetic girly-man, is not a rebuttal, but a strong punch in the mouth -- hard enough to dislodge several teeth.

When will the Revolution finally start?  I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, goodbye to those bloggers who are giving it up.  I understand.  What's the point?  We are losing the country and our freedoms and the downhill slide is only accelerating.

Seth Rogen and his ilk have not only fucked Ben Carson, but all the rest of us as well.