Thursday, February 23, 2017

Richard Spencer Kicked Out of CPAC -- Am I a "White Nationalist"?

Richard Spencer showed up for the annual CPAC meeting in Washington DC and was denied admittance.  Spencer is the head of the National Policy Institute.  He has been denounced by many as a "white supremacist" or a "white nationalist."  I took a look at the NPI website and, sure enough, it appears to be an organization that wants an all-white America.  In the comments section of any post, there are writers defending Adolf Hitler.  "War was forced on him!" one writer exclaims.  "He was just trying to save the white race!"

Oh bullshit.  These people are boring and radioactive.  No one remotely in the mainstream wants to be identified with them.

I am not a "white supremacist," in that I do not want to deport citizens of a different color, on the basis of skin tone alone.  I don't want an all white America.  I would have to deport my wife and our son.  I do not want a different class of citizenship based on race.  We tried that, and it was grotesque.  I support equality under the law, but without the political correctness that spares nonwhites from legitimate criticism.  It is time blacks and others lose the magic cloak that hides them from personal responsibility and accountability.

I am not a "white supremacist."  However, I may be a "white nationalist."  I do want to keep and to expand the white majority in America.  That would be anathema to liberals and leftists.  They think the "browning of America" to be a good thing, i.e. social progress, and exclaim gleefully the year in which whites will become the minority in America.  Many blacks openly express hatred for white people and talk about killing them all.  In a nutshell, nonwhites tend to vote for Democrats, and whites tend to vote Republican.  That is the simple basis of all the partisan wrangling over immigration.

When one sees how badly whites are treated on college campuses and in liberal establishments and circles, the prospect of a white minority is frightening indeed.

Also, I like the way that white people vote.  Sue me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Left's War on Trump Intensifies

The leftist media is intensifying their war on Trump.  Now they are claiming that Trump campaign officials were in constant contact with Russian intelligence.  The object of this fake news is to give credibility to the leftist fantasy that Russian intelligence worked with Trump to sabotage Hillary.

Of course!  The American people were chomping at the bit to vote for the corrupt harpy to ensure many more years of economic stagnation and American demise.  But the magic Russians knew how to enter the minds of the American people to reprogram them to vote for Trump instead.  How devious!  Trump's crime is obvious!