Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strauss-Kahn Case Collapsing?

Do I have good instincts or what?

When Dominque Strass-Kahn (of France) was accused by a hotel maid of rape, I stated that I had doubts about her story, that it didn't seem to add up.  See that post here.

Now the New York Times says police have caught the maid, Nafissatou Diallo, in a number of lies and possibly involved in illegal activity.  The Times indicates the case against Strauss-Kahn appears to be collapsing.

Roberta Moore and the Sliming of the English Defence League: The True Facts Here

A pro-Jewish activist named Roberta Moore appears to be the reason for the Geller/Spencer split with the English Defence League (EDL).  As noted in a prior post, the EDL is an English organization opposed to the Islamization of Great Britain; Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are also opposed to Islamization but split with the EDL over its alleged ties to "Neo-Nazis."  Geller runs the blog "Atlas Shrugs" and Spencer runs the website "Jihad Watch."

No evidence has been presented to document these alleged Neo-Nazi ties, and Geller and Spencer seem to have relied solely on the expressed opinion of one Roberta Moore.

Roberta Moore was the head of the EDL's Jewish Division, but departed the organization, complaining ambiguously of Nazis in the group.  She offered no specifics whatsoever, and EDL supporters say that she has no facts to offer.  However, a little internet research reveals Ms. Moore has an ax to grind with the EDL and her accusations highly suspect.

According to the Jewish Chronicle Online, Moore was criticized within the EDL of being "a divisive figure," ostensibly because she tried to link the EDL's Jewish Division with a radical Jewish group in America, the Jewish Task Force. Jewish Chronicle Online reports:
Ms Moore had attempted to co-ordinate her efforts with those of the far-right American Jewish Task Force, whose leader Victor Vancier has been imprisoned for terrorism offences. The move, in February, was heavily criticised by the EDL leadership.
In a prior article, the Jewish Online Chronicle described the rift between the EDL and Roberta Moore:
"A member of the Jewish Division this week decided to link herself with terrorist organisation JTF. This was the decision and wishes of one single individual within the EDL, and does not mean that the EDL is linked with this movement.

"If they [the Jewish EDL] continue with their plans to forge links with the terrorist JTF, the EDL will have no option but to sever its links with the Jewish division as we cannot support terrorist sympathisers."

But Ms Moore said she was determined to continue the affiliation. She said the EDL leadership who had released the statement were "complete idiots," adding: "I have put my foot down; I am the one in contact with the JTF. If some people don't like it, then screw them. There are lots of Jewish people very upset that the EDL put out that statement - and I haven't received any personal messages telling me to cut off contact with Victor."

However, the EDL made it clear that they and Ms Moore were at odds on the matter. A spokesman said: "The EDL never has and never will have any affiliations with the Jewish Task Force. Unfortunately Ms Moore has caused a great deal of trouble and unrest within the EDL because of her gung-ho attitude."
So it appears that the EDL criticized Moore for supporting violent extremists and moved to expel her from the EDL based on this fact.  Moore's claim that "Nazis" have infiltrated the EDL appears to be nothing more than personal pique and a desire for revenge.  That, and to construct a plausible (but false) reason for her departure (under pressure) from the EDL.

Pamela Geller denounced the EDL simply on the basis of Moore's unproven charges, and Robert Spencer followed along because he seems to uncritically do whatever Geller wants.

Meanwhile, check out the reader comments at Spencer's site, Jihad Watch.  They raise some excellent points and their criticisms of Pamela Geller appear both fair and accurate.

Geller and Spencer Denounce English Defence League

Per View From the Right, it appears that Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are distancing themselves from the English Defence League, alleging that the organization has been infiltrated by "neo-Fascists."  However, neither Geller nor Spencer cites any evidence to back up their claim.

The English Defence League is an organization that opposes the Islamization of Great Britain.

Lawrence Auster has the story here.

I support the English Defence League and will continue to do so unless strong evidence comes to light that the organization has become "neo-fascist," a term leftists use to describe anyone opposed to their destructive and suicidal policies.

Update:  EDL President Tommy Robinson has issued a public statement saying that no one expressing anti-semitic sentiments will be allowed to remain in the EDL.  Geller posts his statement here.  Robinson refers to the EDL Mission Statement.  Here is the Mission Statement from the EDL website (below the fold).  Does anyone see anything "fascistic" in it?

MSNBC Analyst Mark Halperin Suspended for Calling Obama "a Dick"

Mark Halperin, speaking on the "Morning Joe" show of leftwing MSNBC, was suspended indefinitely for his accurate analysis of Barack Obama's job performance.  He described Obama's behavior during his press conference, saying:  "I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday."

If thinking Obama is a dick results in joblessness, then my two years of joblessness suddenly makes sense.

Read more about Halperin's accurate analysis here.

Gloom and Doom: 39% Now Believe the Economy is in "Permanent Decline"

According to a CBS-New York Times poll, 39% of Americans now believe the US economy is in permanent decline.  That means they don't believe we will ever get back our lost prosperity.

They may be right.  Not because it is impossible to recover, but because Americans still haven't clearly linked poverty to its ultimate cause, i.e. liberalism.  Per the poll:
"Forty-two percent said the government should spend to create jobs, even if it has to borrow money to do so. Three in four Republicans said no, while three in five Democrats said yes."
The response to this question reveals widespread ignorance of how an economy works.  Government cannot create private sector jobs, and more government spending will simply poison any recovery.

The belief in "government spending" as a spur to job growth is analogous to the belief in prior centuries of the benefits of bloodletting.  If someone was really sick, doctors opened a vein and drained blood out of the patient, foolishly believing that this was beneficial.  What bloodletting did instead was to further weaken the patient, reducing his chances for recovery.

Liberalism is the modern equivalent of bloodletting.  Americans must stop voting for it if they want any kind of economic future.

Here's Barack Obama's theme song for the 2012 elections:  Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Politico's Propaganda: "The Do-Nothing Congress"

It's easy to see through left-leaning Politico and the themes they want to propagate.  The latest is that of the "do-nothing" congress.  Harry Truman used this slogan to defeat Republicans in 1948 and Politico is dusting it off and hoping for a repeat of that success.

Politico whines:
Just 18 bills have become law through the first half of 2011, and 15 of those named a building after someone, temporarily extended expiring laws or appointed an official to the board of the Smithsonian Institution. Congress can’t decide what to do on critical issues like Libya, spending or the nation’s debt limit, and no compromise is in sight on a host of other issues.
Then Politico spits out:
Not that it matters substantively. When Congress is in, all it does is bash Obama.
This is really an objective article, isn't it?

Yes, Congress is unable to accomplish much in this highly partisan atmosphere, but will be able to accomplish a lot more with a Republican president and senate in January of 2013.  Let's all work for that.

Meanwhile, read Politico's Democrat advertisement here.

Barack Obama's Latest Gambit for Re-Election: He's the "Responsible Adult"

"Nyaaah - nyaaah - nyaaah!"
According to Politico:
One of President Barack Obama’s 2012 themes will likely revolve around what his aides call “the contrast” — a portrayal of Obama as a responsible, moderate adult harassed by infantile Republicans who favor the wealthy.
Yes, more often than not, politics is about image rather than reality.  The truth is that Barack Obama is a far-left ideologue who neither understands economics nor cares.  The far left believes that wealth exists independently of effort, work, investment and risk taking, sort of like manna from heaven:  it just appears, as if by magic, like sunshine, flowers and rainbows.  The rich are those who have managed to grab more than their fair share, leaving the slower and the tardy to fight for scraps.  It is therefore the job of the far left to take some of the manna away and redistribute it to the poor folks.

Obama is neither responsible nor moderate, and his belief system is not that of an adult.  His belief system is more that of a radical college sophomore who is high on pot and believes passionately in the manna-from-heaven theory of wealth, and his holy mission to rearrange reality so it is more to his liking.  We absolutely cannot bear another four years of this radical college sophomore, lest we become the next Greece, with all of its economic failings, crushing debt and widespread riots.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Michele Bachmann Absolutely Not "a Flake"

Michele Bachmann, US Congress Representative from Minnesota, has entered the fray to become the GOP's nominee for President of the United States.  The Democrats have already begun their proactive sliming of Bachmann, as they do for any serious opposition candidate.  They will belittle her accomplishments, misquote her, scour her background for any potential negatives to exploit, and do their best to destroy any credibility she may have as a candidate.  Like they have done for Sarah Palin, the Dems want to paint Bachmann as a non-serious airhead.  Bachmann, however, is no such thing.

Investor's Business Daily tells why.

Meanwhile, Politico does its part to belittle Bachmann and is refuted by Legal Insurrection.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Evil Capitalist Koch Brother Buys Only Known Photo of "Billy the Kid"

Original, Unretouched Tintype
of Billy the Kid
William Koch, 71, of Wichita (and one of the conservative Koch brother/rich guy/activists) has purchased the only authenticated photo of Billy the Kid.  Koch had the winning bid at auction of $1 million.

Democrats and other anarchists have recently made the Koch brothers a target of their two minute hate rallies, and now denounce all things Koch as the equivalent of Darth Vader on steroids.  No doubt they will try to insinuate that William Koch bought the 130 year old tintype because he admires the values and character of Billy the Kid, a 19th century outlaw who shot a lot of people in New Mexico before Sheriff Pat Garrett ended his career at the end of a smoking six gun.

The photo of Billy the Kid is a tintype, an early form of photograph that was printed on a piece of tin rather than on paper, as modern photos are.  I had a friend once in Santa Cruz who owned a 19th century camera, and took tintypes of Civil War reenactors and others.  There is no negative of the photo -- the finished product is a reverse or mirror image of the subject.  I have been photographed in a tintype, and you must stand very still for about a minute while the camera is taking your picture.  The photographer doesn't press a button to snap the photo -- he simply removes a lens cap, and replaces it after a minute of exposure.

Tintypes were often varnished after creation to prevent deterioration.  I own a couple of authentic tintypes, one of a little girl and another of a Union solder in uniform.

Tintypes often do not weather the decades well, and develop cracks, scratches and discoloration.  The tintype of Billy the Kid has deteriorated badly, as you can see in the photo of the tintype at the left.

Read all about Koch's purchase of this artifact here.

"Yoda" Wins "World's Ugliest Dog;" Janeane Garofalo Demands Recount

Yes, Yoda the dog has beaten out Janeane the other dog in the annual contest of "World's Ugliest Dog."  In spite of her publicity agent's best efforts, Janeane Garofalo failed to retain the title, though she continues to be Hollywood's ugliest dog.

In the news photo below, Yoda taunts Garofalo while the latter blames her defeat on Fox News, which since it is a news organization for beautiful women (and hence the name "Fox" News), Garofalo is never mentioned.  So that Democrat women will have equal time, George Soros is funding a new news network, "Skank News," which will compete with Fox.  Or not.

Garofalo is the one on the right.  Those aren't tattoos covering her arms; she once passed out on a bus stop bench in a rough neighborhood and the local gang used her as a canvas for graffiti.  Apparently, they mistook her for a highway underpass, an understandable mistake.

Read more about Garofalo's narrow defeat here.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fascism in DC: Two Reporters Arrested For Photographing a Public Meeting

Yesterday, at a DC Taxi Commission meeting, journalist Pete Tucker took a photograph of the proceedings with his camera phone. Tucker was immediately arrested for taking the photo.  Reason TV producer Jim Epstein was also at the meeting, and used his IPhone to videotape Tucker's arrest.  Epstein was then arrested himself for taping Tucker's arrest.

This all happened at a public meeting.  According to Business Insider:
He [Epstein] spent five hours in a basement holding cell, until a attorney posted his bond. He and Tucker are charged with disorderly conduct and unlawful entry and can be sentenced to nine months in jail and $1,250 in fines.
This is strange and disturbing behavior of DC [fascist] cops, arresting journalists for reporting on a public event.  However, in the new America of Barack Obama, anything [bad] appears possible.

I can imagine Tucker's testimony in court:
Tucker:  I'm sorry judge, I didn't know the Constitution had been suspended.
Judge:  Ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Guilty.

Epstein's videotape is embedded below, showing Tucker's arrest.  Read Epstein's account here.

Rick Perry: Next President of the United States?

Kevin McCullough, a syndicated talk show host, says he is the first pundit to predict Obama's presidency in 2008.  He is now predicting that Texas Governor Rick Perry will be the GOP nominee and the victor in the presidential election of 2012.

I could live with that.

McCullough gives five reasons why Perry will be the guy.

New York State Legalizes Gay Marriage

Democrat controlled New York has legalized gay marriages within that state, and such marriages may begin next month (July 2011).

Per the Associated Press:
The Catholic Bishops of New York said the law alters "radically and forever humanity's historic understanding of marriage."

"We always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love," the bishops said Friday. "We worry that both marriage and the family will be undermined by this tragic presumption of government in passing this legislation that attempts to redefine these cornerstones of civilization."
Read it all here.

New York will be the sixth state where homosexual marriage is allowed.

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Climate Change" Madness Skewered by Brit James Delingpole

James Delingpole is living proof that intelligence survives in the liberal hell-hole that was once Great Britain.  Writing for the U.K. Telegraph, he concludes that U.S. liberals "really are the dumbest creatures on the planet."  One of the major reasons for his conclusion is the left's irrational and unfounded belief in man-made "climate change."  (They used to refer to man-made "global warming," but since the earth is now in a cooling phase, changed the term to the less embarrassing "global climate change.")

Liberal environmentalists, the green mafia, insist that global "climate change" is occurring in such a way as to bring disaster to planet Earth.  They are unable to logically prove their claims, referring to anecdotal (and normal) events such as tornadoes and melting icebergs and polar bears wearing sunglasses and buying sunscreen.  We are supposed to believe their wild claims on faith, and in spite of our own observations that the weather is pretty much what it always has been.  Liberals, however, mimic Groucho Marx in asking, "Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?"

However, you must believe what "climate scientists" say is true, or you are labeled as "anti-science."  We are not anti-science so much as we are anti non-objective, leftist scientists with political agendas seeking lucrative government grants.  Or as James Delingpole says:
[The Right] bases its scientific views on old fashioned virtues like rationalism, empiricism and open-minded, honest research rather than junk science dogma.

Read all of his sage comments here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Geert Wilders Acquitted of "Inciting Hatred" Against Muslims

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician and leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, has been under indictment for two and a half years in the Netherlands.  He made a film called "Fitna," that included clips of Islamic Imams giving speeches that call for violence against Jews and infidels, and which featured Koranic quotes commanding violence, juxtaposed with photos of recent Muslim atrocities (in New York, Madrid, London and Beslan).  His point:  Islam is a very violent religion that is responsible for ongoing mass murder in many parts of the world.  He called on Muslims to reform their religion and "tear out" the hateful pages in the Koran that call for violence against non-believers.

Geert Wilders has long opposed Muslim immigration into the Netherlands due to the recent violence there and in other countries, and the refusal of Muslim immigrants to assimilate into Dutch society.  They are sound reasons, based firmly in reality as opposed to the wishful thinking of leftist politicians.  Wilders has received numerous death threats from Muslims and must live under a 24 hour guard to protect him from "the religion of peace" his own country.

The Netherlands, like much of Europe, has become a Politically Correct form of fascism, where free speech is rigorously suppressed if it involves any criticism of this violent and intolerant religion.  Wilders soon found himself on trial for "inciting hatred" against Muslims (for telling the truth about their religion).  Truth is not a defense in much of Europe -- if you break the speech codes imposed by government, you are subject to trial and imprisonment.

In the Netherlands, the prosecution stated before the trial that they believed Wilders to be innocent of the charges; however, the judges forced the trial to go forward anyway.

Reuters reports:
The presiding judge said Wilders' remarks were sometimes "hurtful," "shocking" or "offensive," but that they were made in the context of a public debate about Muslim integration and multi-culturalism, and therefore not a criminal act.

"I am extremely pleased and happy," Wilders told reporters after the ruling. "This is not so much a win for myself, but a victory for freedom of speech. Fortunately you can criticize Islam and not be gagged in public debate."
Read it all here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Huntsman, "the Republican Candidate Democrats Fear the Most" (Time)

Jon Huntsman, whom I have never heard of before today, was once the governor of Utah and has worked in the Obama Administration for the past two years (he was ambassador to China).  He has also just announced his candidacy for president as a Republican.

The warmth and acclaim being afforded Huntsman from the left means he is dead on arrival to the national election scene.  We have been expecting some RINO to appear and be praised to the heavens by the left as the greatest GOP candidate ever, or painted as the candidate most likely to cast fear into the hearts of Democrats everywhere, in an attempt to make Republicans like the guy.  The Daily Beast loves him; Harry Reid endorses him; Chris Matthews is probably getting a new thrill up his leg.

The left's real reason for praising Huntsman:  he is a weak candidate whose nomination would give Obama a better chance at reelection.  He is an unknown who hasn't said much on issues most important to conservatives -- though he has mouthed off a bit too much on his love of the Green movement, or as we like to call them, the Luddites.

Jon Huntsman, "the candidate that Democrats fear most."  Yeah.  R-i-i-i-i-ght.

Read Time's fantasy here.

Man Allowed to Fly Dressed in Woman's Lingerie

"Come Fly With Me, Come Fly Way Up
To The Sky!"
US Airways allowed a man to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Phoenix while scantily clad in women's lingerie (see photo).

The airline stated that since his private parts weren't showing he was not in violation of the rules and so other passenger complaints about the man went unheeded.

This is a terrible culture in which to raise would a parent explain the man's behavior to his kids?

US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder confirmed she'd received the photo [on the left] before last week's incident in San Francisco and had spoken to [Jill] Tarlow [the passenger who took the photo], but said employees had been correct not to ask the man to cover himself.

"We don't have a dress code policy," Wunder said. "Obviously, if their private parts are exposed, that's not appropriate. ... So if they're not exposing their private parts, they're allowed to fly."
The airline may have trouble reconciling that position in a potential lawsuit against it by a college football player, Deshon Marman, who was ejected from a US Airways flight after refusing to pull up his sagging pajama pants.  The only thing that was exposed by his refusal was his boxer shorts.  Since Marman is black, he is exempt from any societal rules, polite behavior or good taste, and should not have been asked to pull up his pants.  No doubt he will file and win a lawsuit and force the airline to pay millions of dollars for racism.

The gay guy in drag, however, will undoubtedly recommend US Airways to all of his flamer-friends.  US Airways needs to seriously reconsider its dress code for passengers, and introduce some consistency as well. Perhaps "no under garments showing" might be added to the code; that would have covered both of these incidents.

Read all about it here.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lawrence Auster Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

Lawrence Auster, Blogger
View From The Right
Lawrence Auster of View From the Right has announced that he has metastasized pancreatic cancer.  He was diagnosed a year ago, and has been undergoing chemotherapy since then.

Auster has responded very well to the chemotherapy; numerous tumors in his body rapidly shrank and now are not visible at all.  However, that does not imply a cure, as the tumors are probably just microscopic at this point.  They could come back, but no one can predict when. Nevertheless, the medical treatment has undoubtedly prolonged Auster's life.

God bless you Larry and may you continue to beat the odds!

Read Larry's announcement here.

Please consider making a donation to View From the Right by clicking here.

Why Are Atheists Such A-Holes?

I belong to no religion, but I find atheists to be some of the most fanatical and hateful people on earth.  They have concluded, with their little pea-sized intellects, that there is no God or afterlife, and they want to impose their faith (yes, I said "their faith") on others.  The latest example of this comes from New York, where a group of these brain-dead believers want to remove a street sign honoring seven firefighters who died on September 11, 2001.  They are claiming that the term "heaven" in the sign "violates the separation of church and state."

From Fox News:
A group of New York City atheists is demanding that the city remove a street sign honoring seven firefighters killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks because they said the sign violates the separation of church and state.

The street, “Seven in Heaven Way,” was officially dedicated last weekend in Brooklyn outside the firehouse where the firefighters once served. The ceremony was attended by dozens of firefighters, city leaders and widows of the fallen men.

“There should be no signage or displays of religious nature in the public domain,” said Ken Bronstein, president of New York City Atheists. “It’s really insulting to us.”
Bronstein is really insulting to me and to many others, so atheism should be banned, as this philosophy is a violation of the First Amendment.  No?  Well now, my interpretation is no less extreme than that of the atheist left who has utterly corrupted the intent of the Founding Fathers when they banned "official" or state-sponsored religions.  There was never any intent to ban references to religion from the public domain.  This is an extreme position that liberal judges have wrongfully forced on the populace in many court cases.

Read the whole sordid story here.

The Democrats' War On Democracy: Now Abusing the Recall Option

The Democrats are utterly ruthless in their desire for political power, and have used a number of devices for overturning elections that were not in their favor.  Their latest gambit will be to abuse the recall process, because they can't lose even if the effort fails:  they will have slimed their targeted Republican and force him/her to spend time and money combating the recall.

From J.R. Dunn at the American Thinker:
Democrat inability to prevail at the ballot box has led to tactics of desperation. Falling numbers of Democratic voters (the number of registered Democrats stands at just over 43% today, scarcely a plurality) have loosened the hold of Democratic political machines across the country, letting light and air into districts that have not been part of the country's culture of democracy for generations. As a result, we have seen the introduction of all sorts of novel electoral tactics, usually backroom stuff that would be familiar to Boss Tweed and Frank Hague: endless recounts spiced up by ballots appearing out of quantum black holes, opponents being denied places on the ballot by legal action (a Cook County special strongly endorsed by none other than Barack Obama), voting by felons and illegal immigrants. Frivolous recall elections are simply the latest of these.
Read the whole article here.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Conviction of Amanda Knox Is Falling Apart In Appeals Trial

Amanda Knox in Italy
Amanda Knox, an American student studying in Italy, was convicted of being an accessory to the murder of fellow student Meredith Kercher in 2009.  At first the conviction seemed obviously right and proper; however, various parties, including form FBI and other crime experts, subsequently reviewed the evidence and concluded that Knox is innocent.

Amanda Knox's appeals trial began in May, and the prosecution's case against Knox is being demolished bit by bit.  Key witnesses in the first trial are convincingly refuted or shown to be untrustworthy; scenarios described in the trial are shown to be completely untrue, e.g. that Knox was seen buying bleach the day after the murder (she didn't), that her boyfriend's kitchen knife had the victim's DNA (it didn't) even after having been washed in bleach (it wasn't).  A woman witness who had testified that she had heard a scream the night of the murder now admits she has mental problems; other witnesses have been utterly refuted (one of which is a drug addict and homeless man who has testified at numerous trials for the prosecution).

The most "convincing" evidence has been found to be complete fabrications by the Italian prosecutor.  The prosecutor seems mentally unbalanced and dangerous:  he has filed over a dozen lawsuits against journalists and even Knox's parents for criticizing him and the outcome of the trial.  One blogger had his blog removed by its host after the prosecutor threatened litigation.

The online news site Seattlest describes the original trial:
For Amanda Knox, the 23-year-old Seattleite accused of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, during a study abroad program in Perugia, Italy, the tide may be turning. Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted of the crime in 2009, and are currently appealing their case. Confusion reigned during the investigation and conviction of the pair. The standards of modern law enforcement investigation fell by the wayside, replaced by a tumult of amateurism, half-baked musings, and a media feeding-frenzy. Much of the chaos and confusion seemed to emanate from the chief prosecutor: Giuliano Mignini, a man whose flair for bombast and drama seemed tailor-made for the brutal, bawdy world of modern tabloid journalism.
Seattlest reports that even the frenzied Italian tabloids, so eager to see Knox convicted in the first place, are backing away from both the prosecutor and the conviction, and that this may signal a coming end to the unfair and unjust ordeal of Amanda Knox.  Let's hope so.

See also Injustice In Perugia for more information on the crime, the trial, the conviction, the evidence and the latest developments.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Robert Kennedy Jr. Protects Ideology That Murdered His Father

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
If you're a jackass, please raise your hand.
Per Weasel Zippers, Robert Kennedy Jr., visiting the Netherlands, has described Dutch politician Geert Wilders as "a racist."   RFK Jr. was apparently speaking of Wilders' opposition to Islam, the violent culture that killed RFK Jr.'s own father back in 1967.  Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian, Muslim sympathizer and anti-semite, followed a long Islamic/Arabic tradition of killing people, and shot Robert F. Kennedy Sr. to death at a political rally in Los Angeles.  Sirhan was angry at RFK's appearance before Jewish groups promising support to Israel, in which the elder RFK posed in a Jewish skull cap.

This same murderous mindset also killed many hundreds of people recently, in New York, Madrid, London, Beslan and Mumbai (among others).  Wilders, apparently appalled at the growing body count, began to speak out against Islam and its intolerant and hateful beliefs.

Enter stage left, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now honoring the memory of his father by siding with the violent culture that killed him, and by attacking Geert Wilders, a man far more principled, courageous and informed than himself.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner Roasted: Will Resign From Congress

Anthony Weiner, D-NY, will resign from Congress under mounting pressure from fellow Democrats for exposing himself to young women on the internet.  The digital Democrat dick display has resulted, finally, in Weiner leaving in disgrace.  Read the story here and see a video.

Weiner was a dick in more ways than one, but something inside me feels a tiny bit of sympathy for the man.  It's difficult not to imagine oneself in such a position:  embarrassed, ostracized, disgraced, humiliated.  Epic fail.  What do you do after such a fall?  How do you reinvent yourself?  Will you forever be linked to the scandal?  Will anyone, anywhere, ever be able to see your face without imagining your naked penis online?

Democrats, of course, don't give a damn about the personal destruction of Republicans and conservatives.  Their desire is to destroy their opponents utterly and completely.  Victims have included Judge Bork, Clarence Thomas, Linda Tripp, Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay and now Sarah Palin.  Democrats lose no sleep over the unjust damage they do to individual lives and reputations in pursuit of their political goals.  For that reason, I should not care one iota about Anthony Weiner's self-inflicted personal destruction.

However, I am not a Democrat.  I do care...a tiny, little bit.  But at least Anthony Weiner will always have his little friend...Pookie.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Homeless Boy With Amazing Voice Moves Audience to Tears

Bet you can't watch this video with dry eyes....

Second Republican Debate Completed: Michele Bachmann the Winner?

The second Republican candidates' debate took place yesterday in New Hampshire.  Unfortunately, the media are saying that Mitt Romney appeared well informed and presidential.  I have a feeling that he will eventually emerge as the GOP candidate for 2012.  Nevertheless, I will support more conservative candidates.

Michele Bachmann apparently did very well.  Herman Cain didn't win this debate.  His lack of specifics on foreign policy is beginning to hurt him.  He needs to study this area and come up with a tentative but workable plan.

The Democrats and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) will try very hard to push the Republican they think will be easiest for Obama to beat.  Be suspicious of anyone the New York Times and the Washington Post find desirable as our candidate.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Short Break From Blogging: Musical Interlude by Harry Connick Jr.

Argh, I haven't posted since last Saturday.  On that day my band hosted a party for friends, supporters and other musicians.  The result was food, fun, friendship and a lot of music.  On Sunday I started thinking about my music goals and where I want to go with them.  Today I started making a list of all of the best band songs in various categories, i.e. jazz, blues, R&B, classic rock and country and western.  I put the lists into different tabs of an Excel spreadsheet and will add more songs to each list as I discover them.

Then I downloaded a bunch of songs of Harry Connick Jr. from Itunes, picked up my upright bass and tried to fake my way through them all.  I will get the sheet music to all of the songs I really want to learn, then really learn them, chord by chord.  Where I really want to go is to mellow jazz and jazz standards, though I doubt that I could ever give up classic rock and blues.  I love them too much.

Harry Connick Jr, like Michael Buble, is a young and hip guy who is walking in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra and other greats who specialized in romantic music, jazz and jazz standards.  Here's a video of Connick singing "All of Me" with his orchestra in a live performance.

And here's another: "The Way You Look Tonight":

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"The Undefeated," a New Film About Sarah Palin

A new and independent film about Sarah Palin may change minds about the former Alaskan governor.  It is called "The Undefeated," and critics say it will show Palin in a much more favorable light.  The film is produced by filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

Elisabeth Meinecke at describes the film:
Though the film production timeline was not, it appears, done with any kind of presidential 2012 campaign in mind, it is capable of giving people a second impression of Palin and one that could prove useful in a 2012 discussion, because it’s a documentary based on facts that show the governor as an astute leader and a smart woman, unlike how she has been portrayed for the better part of three years. Bannon himself is a Harvard grad and was impressed with how Palin governed the state. He also said even some liberals in the entertainment industry are garnering a great appreciation for her as a person of substance.
Read more about the film here.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

GOP Front Runner Mitt Romney Endorses Global Warming Hoax

Here's another good reason to oppose the nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for president in 2012:  Romney believes in the man-made global warming hoax.

Those who believe this nonsense are less likely to oppose cap and trade schemes and Orwellian restraints on business, economic development and cheaper energy.  In other words, less freedom and less prosperity in pursuit of an unscientific myth.

This slick GOP establishment candidate must be defeated.

Moonbattery has the story here.

Alabama Passes Nation's Toughest Anti-Illegal Immigration Law

Alabama's governor has signed the nation's "toughest anti-illegal immigration law" yet.

Alabama's legislation follows other states with similar legislation:  Arizona, Utah, Indiana and Georgia.  All of these states have been sued by pro-illegals to block implementation of these laws.

The fight to prevent the erasure of America's borders continues.

Read about it here.

Commies on Parade, May 1, 2011

Non-Negotiable Union Demands
There's an interesting post at American Thinker today.  It brings a lot of political and ethnic threads together to reveal a tapestry of sedition and hatred for all things American.

The post, "Commies on Parade" links to a blog "Ringo's Pictures" showing the marriage of Communists, Mexican reconquistas and union thugs, as they march together in Los Angeles, sporting red flags and Mexican flags.  The May Day marchers carry posters advocating Communism, Mexican reclamation of parts of the United States (reconquista), and extra pizzas and bigger t shirts (or something) for the fat SEIU members.

In short, the May Day parade in Los Angeles featured the something-for-nothing slugs of society who want to take what they want when they want it, and get in the faces of anyone who refuses to part with his hard-earned property or wealth.  As the author Ralph Alter puts it:
Blogging at Ringo's Pictures, the blogger Ringo provides scores of remarkable photographs detailing the events at the annual May Day parade held in downtown Los Angeles on May 1, 2011. The images are frightening and illustrate the latitude we have allowed serious hate-groups and espousers of virulent anti-Americanism to move about freely and publicly call for the overthrow of the American political system.
Alter also links to Zombie's post (with pictures) of a California teachers' rally that also displayed anti-capitalist, anti-American signs and placards, "How a Teachers' Rally Made Me Anti-Education."

Zombie describes the role of the education system in the leftist brainwashing of school students.  She writes:
...public schools have ceased to be places for educating America’s youth but have instead become indoctrination centers where our children’s brains are marinated in political correctness and leftist thought patterns.
Zombie's post got me to thinking about the recent controversy at Soquel High School where several students were suspended.  I blogged about Soquel High School's heavy-handed treatment of several of its students for alleged "white supremacy" leanings, based in part on their wearing white t shirts to the school's group picture.  They were also criticized for wearing American flag themed t shirts to school on "Cinco de Mayo," a Mexican national holiday.  Their critics claimed that American flags were offensive to the Mexican kids attending Soquel High.   Imagine that, displaying American flags in America is now evidence of "white supremacy."

So why does this small group of white students feel a need to act out against the prevailing culture of Soquel High?  Could it be that these students have been made to feel marginalized, alienated and ostracized because they are white and patriotic Americans?  Were they merely seeking ways to resist the anti-American, anti-white, pro-reconquista attitudes of their leftwing teachers and administrators?

The posts I mention here today provide evidence of the hostile environment in which California school kids are being marginalized by their educators.


A couple of photos from Ringo's Pictures:

A California High School Openly Supports "the Victory" 
With the Image of a Dead Communist

The New Brown Shirts?  Mexican Reconquistas in Paramilitary Garb

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Paul Gilding is Full (of It): When Enviro Whack Jobs Attack

The enviro whack jobs are at it again.  Leading the charge this time is Paul Gilding, Australian Enviro-Alarmist who insists that "the earth is full," that over-population has reached a crisis point, and that we are all doomed by global warming, higher food prices, depleted resources, yada yada yada.  Gilding's ideas are described in the New York Times by Thomas L. Friedman in an article called "The Earth is Full."

The answer:  more draconian governmental controls over people and businesses, less economic activity, more poverty, less individual freedom, a reduced lifestyle.  Green is the new Red.  If you disagree, you are just in denial.  Gilding cites the work of the Global Footprint Network, which claims that humans are using the earth's resources at unsustainable rates.  How the GFN came up with this calculation is anyone's guess, but they are not the first environmental doom-sayers to come along in recent years.  Paul Ehrlich's book "The Population Bomb" came out in 1968 to announce that mass starvation would occur in the 1970's and 1980's due to overpopulation of the planet.  Ehrlich was wrong -- the disaster didn't happen.  As for overpopulation, demographic studies show that populations in the Europe, Russia, Japan and elsewhere are in decline -- their populations are shrinking and in some cases, being displaced by massive immigration from the Muslim world.

There is a pattern among the environmental alarmists:  they describe dooms-day scenarios for humankind, insist that we have already passed some critical point, making disaster unavoidable, and that mankind must immediately submit to a kind of fascism to curtail or at least lessen the unavoidable and looming catastrophe.  Needless to say, the solution seems to lie in a one-world government, presided over by a committee of environmentalists.  They will tell us, no doubt, who can produce what, when and where, and who may consume it.

Sounds like Marxism to me.

Update:  A related article shows the economic destruction wreaked by the Green Freaks:  California's Green Jihad.

Fourth Amendment Canceled in California: Feds Break Down Man's Door Over Unpaid Student Loans

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits "unreasonable searches and seizures," but this has apparently been suspended in northern California.

A team of 15 federal officers broke down a Stockton man's door at 6 AM yesterday, then arrested him, placed him in handcuffs and sat him in a patrol car for six hours while they searched his house.  The man, Kenneth Wright, was put in the patrol car with his three young children.  The federal SWAT team wasn't even looking for Kenneth Wright, but for his estranged wife, who wasn't on the premises.

On the surface, this would appear to be a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment.  Have we become a police state?

Read it all here.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner Confesses

Democrat Anthony Weiner confessed to tweeting a lewd photo of himself to a woman he met online, and tearfully apologized to the media for lying about it.  The Other McCain has the videos and facts on this amazing development here.

Weiner tweeted a photo of his lower body in undershorts sporting a visible "stiffy," which he claims was sent to the lady as a joke.  He unintentionally tweeted the photo instead of sending it by email; he then panicked, removed the tweet and then lied about it, saying his Twitter account had been hacked.  The media largely doubted his story.

Robert S. McCain was on the story early on.  Frankly, I ignored the story due to its sleazy nature and unsubstantial subject matter.  However, McCain is a professional journalist and believed (correctly) that the story had legs, and McCain followed it to the end.  Weiner's humiliation is now complete and other Democrats are expected to press him to resign his House seat.

Ah men!  While young, we are possessed by a demonic force known as testosterone, which compels us to make absolute fools of ourselves in pursuit of sex, in an effort to obey nature's dictum to procreate the species, using as many different women as possible to enlarge the gene pool.  This no doubt worked well back when people lived in caves, but not so well in the 21st century.

Take testosterone, mix it with the internet and a few pretty girls, and you are all done, fella.  The results are not often pretty.  You may as well play with dynamite and matches.

Update:  Weiner appears to be much more than just a hormone-motivated guy in heat.  It has now been revealed that Weiner was displaying his wiener, naked, nude and au naturel, to young women over the internet, i.e. exposing himself digitally.  It's obvious that this schmuck has displayed a personal recklessness that is mind-bending.  It would be difficult to find a more blatant example of self-destruction by a public official.  He should not only resign, he should grow a beard, dye his hair, get cosmetic surgery and move to a desert island somewhere and live in a cave.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Like Some Mustard With That Weiner?

Anthony Weiner.  Democrat.  IDIOT.

Never social network when you're in heat.  The results could be disastrous.

I was torn as to what condiment is appropriate for Rep. Weiner:  mustard?  Sauerkraut?  KY Jelly?

I settled on mustard, though I think it is debatable as to the type of wiener that Rep Weiner represents.

Friday, June 03, 2011

California Bill Will Protect Cross-Dressing in the Workplace

Assembly Bill 887 will protect cross-dressing in the California workplace.  Male employees can dress as a man one day and a woman the next, and  not be fired.   Opponents of the bill point out that such behavior will alienate customers and co-workers and debilitate workplace morale.  Proponents of the bill don't care about such things as economic success, they are too anxious to prove themselves champions of the downtrodden, and who is more downtrodden than a man in drag?

AB 887 has passed the California Assembly and now moves to the California Senate.

Brad Daucus, an attorney for the Pacific Justice Institute, opposes the bill, said:
This is about employers having to deal with employees who dress in a way that employers know will cost them either in terms of customers, employer morale, or employee operational efficiency.
One cannot help but wonder how a cross-dressing school teacher will impact the students he/she teaches, to come to school one day as a man, then as a woman on the next.  And he/she can't be fired for it.

Read it all here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Geert Wilders Final Remarks to the Court (Video)

Via Gates of Vienna, Geert Wilders made his concluding remarks to the Amsterdam court where he is being tried for "inciting hatred."  His crime:  he made the film "Fitna" that quoted passages from the Koran, juxtaposed with images of Muslim atrocities, including 9/11 and Madrid, as well as with videos of Muslim leaders voicing hatred and pledging violence.

In short, Geert Wilders is on trial for telling the truth, that Islam is a totalitarian ideology that is violent and hateful.  The Netherlands, like much of Europe, has become extremely intolerant of free speech, stating that the truth of the speech is not a defense against prosecution.  Europe has become what the left wants to create here in the USA, to prosecute people for political reasons, for thought crimes, for voicing their opinions.